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Kodonur Temple

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Kodonur Temple

1Point of interest (map icon).png

Kodonur Temple map.jpg
Map of Kodonur Temple

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Jahai Bluffs
(Crystal Desert)
Connects to
Eastern Brand Scar (N)
Shattered Cliffs (NE)
Wurmhaven (W)

Kodonur Temple.jpg

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Kodonur Temple is a djinn temple in the Jahai Bluffs. Lately it has been very popular for desperate people who are trying to cross the Brand and who plead for djinn's help due to their supposed immunity to Branding as well as for their protective shields.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Confluence of the Elements
Adventure (map icon).png Jahai Bluffs Griffon Expert





Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent


Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Order of Shadows Agent: I've heard that djinn love collecting strange beasts! And boy, do I have some strange beasts for you!
Veteran Water Djinn: Not interested. You're thinking about Qadim.
Order of Shadows Agent: Don't all djinn like capturing rare creatures?
Veteran Water Djinn: No, that's just Qadim.
Elonian Petitioner: They say djinn are wise and merciful.
Veteran Water Djinn: Do they.
Elonian Petitioner: And that you've saved us over and over again.
Veteran Water Djinn: Have we.
Elonian Petitioner: If you help me cross the Brand and find my brother, I'll give you anything you want!
Veteran Water Djinn: There's nothing I want. No, that's wrong. I want you to stop bothering me. Go home.
Elonian Petitioner: If I do that, will you help me?
Veteran Water Djinn: (sigh)
Order of Shadows Agent: Noble and wonderful djinn! Care to win glory, riches, and eternal fame by hunting down Qadim's menagerie?
Veteran Earth Djinn: No.
Order of Shadows Agent: I heard Qadim insulted your lineage. This would poke him in the eye.
Veteran Earth Djinn: Qadim's foolishness is not my responsibility. Also, poking a djinn's eye causes no pain. We're ethereal beings.
Order of Shadows Agent: Hmm. We can work on that.
Elonian Petitioner: Please, you have to help me. My brother lives on the other side of the Brand. At least, he did. I have to know...
Veteran Water Djinn: You can't cross the Brand. You'll die.
Elonian Petitioner: That's why I'm here. To ask for your help. Djinn can protect us...
Veteran Water Djinn: "Can." Not "will."
Veteran Water Djinn: I've been a free djinn for two hundred years now. I'm not going back to servitude anytime soon.
Veteran Air Djinn: The howl of Branded on the wind... The thunder of Brandstorms...
Veteran Fire Djinn: The days are dark. The land has changed.
Veteran Earth Djinn: At least WE have nothing to worry about.
Veteran Earth Djinn: Humans. We're helping humans. (sigh)
Veteran Earth Djinn: These travelers will be glad for any djinn in a Brandstorm.
Veteran Air Djinn: It's hard enough to coexist with other djinn. Proximity leads to rivalry. Or war.
Veteran Air Djinn: But with all these short-lived, frail creatures clamoring for our help...
Veteran Fire Djinn: They know our magic protects from the Brand. Can you blame them?
Veteran Air Djinn: Yes. I most certainly can.
Near the Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: A very confused and vicious ettin is wandering in the wilds! Take it down!
Order of Shadows Agent: A wyvern matriarch and patriarch are terrorizing...well, it's not Elona. Not exactly. And it's not Maguuma, either.
Order of Shadows Agent: Flying, disembodied djinn weapons are threatening Elona! Break 'em to bits!
Order of Shadows Agent: Pet rocks and wyverns and ettins... I need a new job.
Order of Shadows Agent: Qadim and Zommoros are at war, and their exotic beasts are raging through Elona! We need heroes, quickly!
Order of Shadows Agent: A foul and dangerous, er, pet rock is on the...rampage. Please help me.
Order of Shadows Agent: I can't believe this is my life now.
Order of Shadows Agent: What did I do to my superior to receive THIS assignment? Ugh.
Order of Shadows Agent: Go and ask the djinn to help, they said. All-powerful beings should be happy to help.
Order of Shadows Agent: Erick asks heroes to fight an elemental hydra, a sand lion, and a Forged Brutalizer.
Order of Shadows Agent: Doran's responsible for a harpy matriarch, a ghost captain, and a tar elemental.
Order of Shadows Agent: And me? I get the pet rock. Gods, WHY?

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mistonium.png Mistonium
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore