Wreckage of the Breachmaker

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the point of interest and an overview of lore. For the area, see The Breachmaker.

Wreckage of the Breachmaker

Point of Interest
Sanctum Harbor
(Lion's Arch)
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The Wreckage of the Breachmaker is the debris leftover from the explosion of The Breachmaker, Scarlet Briar's magically-powered airship drill.

Although the debris was originally concentrated near where it had been drilling, in the middle of the Sanctum Harbor, some pieces were flung as far away as Farshore Ward. Most of it was cleaned during the reconstruction of Lion's Arch, and nowadays only part of the drill remains.


Schematics for it could be found in Scarlet's Secret Lair in early 1327 AE. Before it finished construction, it was used to control the Twisted Marionette. After one of Scarlet's Energy Probes identified an intersection of magical ley lines beneath the ruins of Old Lion's Arch, the drill descended into the city, where it began burrowing deep into the earth under the protection of Scarlet's Alliance.

Engineers who found their way into the airship noted from its design that its purpose was never to tap into the power of the ley lines, but to disrupt them. Shortly after Scarlet's demise, the Breachmaker fulfilled its purpose, striking the mass ley line intersection underneath Lion's Arch and sending a surge of power along the ley-line that runs past the Thaumanova Reactor. This appears to have captured the attention of the sleeping Elder Dragon Mordremoth, as it roared when the ley lines were struck.

The drill continued running for a few days until the airship mysteriously exploded. It is said that the surge of power along with Scarlet herself causing the core of airship to become unstable were the reasons behind the explosion.

Pieces of the Breachmaker were scattered widely throughout the city after the explosion, destroying even more of Lion's Arch. During the reconstruction of the city in early 1328 AE, many parts of the drill were removed and molded into new metal used to build several new structures in the city.

Nowadays, part of the drill can be found deep in Sanctum Harbor.

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