Pale Reavers

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the organization. For NPCs in Verdant Brink, see Pale Reaver.
Laranthir leading the Pale Reavers in the Heart of Maguuma.

Marshal Trahearne himself had the initial idea. Once he realized that Zhaitan can't raise sylvari, he formed this squad to exploit that weakness.


The Pale Reavers are an elite all-sylvari squad within the Pact.


During the Pact's campaign against Zhaitan in 1325 AE, Marshal Trahearne formed the Pale Reavers under the command of Tegwen. The squad's purpose was to take on dangerous missions in Orr because of sylvari's immunity to dragon corruption. The Pale Reavers were equipped with powerful rifles and were trained in both stealth attacks and full-frontal assaults.

In Malchor's Leap, the Pale Reavers assisted the Pact Commander in capturing the docks so the Gear warband was able to land their siege tanks, and then escorted the tanks deeper into Orr. During the escort mission, Tegwen sacrificed herself in order to allow the Pact forces to destroy a temple spawning Risen Giants. After Tegwen's death, her close friend Carys took up the leadership of the Pale Reavers. The Reavers also took part in the cleansing of the Source of Orr.

In the campaign against Mordremoth in 1328 AE, the Pale Reavers took part in the ill-fated aerial invasion of the Heart of Maguuma and were downed when Mordremoth turned many sylvari against their allies and destroyed the Pact fleet. Laranthir of the Wild gathered up a group of Pale Reaver survivors and led them in capturing and holding rally points in Dry Step Mesas in Verdant Brink to clear the path for air support.


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