The Altar of Glaust

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The Altar of Glaust

Point of Interest
The Grand Basilica
(The Ruined City of Arah)
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Interactive map (floor 9)

The Altar of Glaust is a large Forgotten altar that is required for an ancient ritual capable of giving free will to Elder Dragon minions. It was here that Glint was freed from Kralkatorrik's control when she was known as Glaust, which the altar bears the name of. When the ritual is cast, beams of light break through the unnatural clouds above and through the circular architecture surrounding the altar. Though it predates the Six Human Gods arrival on Tyria and is of Forgotten make, the altar is of the same design as the rest of Arah and most Orrian structures, which are said to be made by the Six Gods or modeled off of the gods' designs.