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Havrouns are uncommon and powerful norn shamans dedicated to one Spirit of the Wild. They are special servants of the spirit, vigilant and active defenders of the spirit's interests both in this world and the next. Havrouns are intimately connected with the Spirit that they serve, and there is only one havroun per Spirit of the Wild.[1]

Havrouns are the only shamans powerful enough to spirit walk, that is, to physically cross into the Mists and go to the Hall of the Spirits, where the brave live forever.[1] This ability allows the havroun to cross over into the Mists without the need of a portal or a ritual, by leaving their bodies behind. They may also create portals that will allow them to cross over in body, as well as take allies with them.[2][3]

Not all the Spirits have a havroun at any given time. No norn has been blessed as havroun for Ox, Eagle, Wolverine, or many others, in generations. Havrouns maintain a close connection with their Spirit, even more so than Speakers. Because of this connection, the last havroun of Owl proclaimed her death[1]. Nevertheless, Owl Shaman Ulgadis believes Owl will never die if she is remembered, and Owl Shaman Garon even believes Owl can be revived if people believe in her again.

When a havroun feels that they have grown old or weary, they usually begin to teach an apprentice that will take over their role as they prepare for their final crossing into the Mists.[1]

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