Corrupted weapons

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Corrupted weapons are level 80 FExotic weapons available through crafting. Unlike standard crafted weapons, they do not use crafting components and inscriptions; instead, they require a level 80 Etched weapon and Corrupted Lodestones as ingredients.

The recipes must be learned from recipe sheets purchased from Rojan the Penitent in Frostgorge Sound and require the crafter to be level 80 in order to learn the purchased recipe.

They share an appearance with PvP Frozen weapons.

The skins from the weapons in this set form part of the Jormag Defense Guide collection.



Weapon Type Skin link
Main hand Corrupted Skeggox.png Corrupted Skeggox Axe
Corrupted Shard (weapon).png Corrupted Shard Dagger
Corrupted Cudgel.png Corrupted Cudgel Mace
Corrupted Revolver.png Corrupted Revolver Pistol
Corrupted Scepter.png Corrupted Scepter Scepter
Corrupted Blade.png Corrupted Blade Sword
Off hand Corrupted Artifact.png Corrupted Artifact Focus
Corrupted Harbinger.png Corrupted Harbinger Warhorn
Corrupted Wartorch.png Corrupted Wartorch Torch
Corrupted Bulwark.png Corrupted Bulwark Shield
Terrestrial Corrupted Avenger.png Corrupted Avenger Greatsword
Corrupted Sledgehammer.png Corrupted Sledgehammer Hammer
Corrupted Greatbow.png Corrupted Greatbow Longbow
Corrupted Blaster.png Corrupted Blaster Rifle
Corrupted Short Bow.png Corrupted Short Bow Short bow
Corrupted Branch.png Corrupted Branch Staff
Aquatic Corrupted Spear.png Corrupted Spear Spear
Corrupted Blaster.png Corrupted Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Corrupted Branch.png Corrupted Trident Trident


Corrupted weapons are only available in a single attribute combination.

Prefix Primary attribute Secondary attributes
Valkyrie Power.png Power Vitality.png Vitality Ferocity.png Ferocity



  • Crafting the full set of Corrupted Weapons requires 450 Corrupted Lodestones: 20 for each of the main hand weapons, 15 for each of the off hand weapons, and 30 for each of the two-handed weapons.