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Flashpoint (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see Flashpoint.

Flashpoint (achievements) is an achievement category for achievements earned during the Flashpoint story and within Draconis Mons.

Flashpoint (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 37 Heart of Thorns mastery point 125Achievement points


  1. ^ Burnin' Down the House: From Waypoint (map icon).png Heathen's Hold Waypoint, take the Thermal Tube which heads northwest. Once you land, look north and you will see an Oil Barrel beside a raised platform. Take the oil barrel and use  Pour Oil.png Spill Oil to create a trail of oil going from the nearby cannonballs to the flowing river of lava.
  2. ^ Crypt Keeper: The achievement is awarded upon seeing the tombstone inside the Point of interest (map icon).png Burial Chamber. The point of interest is unlocked without even entering the room.


  • The achievement "White Hat" is a reference to the term white hat which refers to people skilled in computer security and are hired to help to test the security of various organizations.
    • Additionally, the flavor text of this achievement is a reference to a scene from the TV series CSI:NY,
  • The "Burnin' Down the House" achievement shares its name with a Talking Heads song from their 1983 album, Speaking in Tongues. The flavor text includes lyrics from the song.