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A charr warband prepares for battle.

I am charr. My warband is to me what humans would consider a family. We were raised together as cubs in the creche, in the fahrar. We were trained to fight together as a unit. We may not share blood, for we honor our elders and forebears, but the bonds of battle hold stronger than any family tie.

Ember Doomforge in Ghosts of Ascalon

The warband is one of the most important aspects of charr culture and it is led by the legionnaire. During their education and training in their legion's fahrar, every young charr is forced to become a member of a warband, usually adopting a surname indicating their membership. For example, they could choose the name Fierceclaw in a warband where members identify themselves with the word Fierce. The warband's name can also be shown as the suffix of the surname, for instance a member of the Strike warband can be named Swordstrike. A warband's name is chosen when its members are ready to leave the fahrar. It is also possible to find two warbands with the same name at a time, which often results in a friendly rivalry between both.

Warbands typically have five to fifteen members, but can grow up to twenty. When a warband becomes large enough, the legionnaire usually splits the warband into two separate warbands. A group of warbands is organized as a company, which is led by a centurion.

Typically, charr do not leave their warband for another, however it is still not uncommon. This can occur due to losing a warband, becoming a gladium, and joining a new warband or can be transferred due to the legionnaire's decisions on the member being better off elsewhere. When charr change warbands, it is important for the new charr to be accepted and work with the new warband well in order to survive.

A charr's loyalty varies from individual to individual. Typically an individual's loyalty will lay with their warband first and the legion second, though it is expected of them by culture to hold utmost loyalty to the legion instead; it is usually only those who strictly follow regulations who hold legion loyalty over their warband, though. Because of this, if a legionnaire defects, the rest of the warband may follow out of loyalty to the warband.

The four High Legions were originally named after their respective primus warbands (Ash, Blood, Flame and Iron), however none of the current leaders display any of the primus warband names in their surnames.

List of all known warbands[edit]

Player's Warband[edit]

Charr players will have and expand a warband of their own during the early stages of the personal story. Who joins the warband is based on your legion. For Blood Legion characters the original Legionnaire of the warband is Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane and for Ash Legion characters it was Howl the Brazen. For Iron Legion the original legionnaire is never named. Similarly, the warband's original name is only mentioned for Blood Legion players (Steel Warband).

Original members
Ash Warband Recruits
Blood Warband Recruits
Iron Warband Recruits

Ash Legion[edit]

Warband Description Known members
Claw Warband Leading the assault on the Flame Legion stronghold of Vidius Castrum.
Draft Warband Led by Snarl Backdraft.
Dusk Warband Led by Legionnaire Duskhunter. Keeping an eye on the Separatists holding out in Craze's Folly.
Fate Warband Two known Ash Legion tribunes are part of this warband and they are currently leading the war operations against the Flame Legion in the Fireheart Rise.
Gnash Warband (historical) Former warband of the founder of the Black Lion Trading Company, Evon Gnashblade.
Haunt Warband Their main task is to destroy the powerful Ascalonian statues found in the Decimus Stones.
Lava Warband Currently at war with the Flame Legion holding up in Provatum Castrum.
Mane Warband Led by Emer Whipmane currently dealing with one of its members who went AWOL.
Ogre Warband Their main task is to stop the ogres from pushing too far into the Cadem Forest.
Reave Warband Small warband running the Redreave Mill.
Rend Warband In charge of repelling the mordrem invasion in the Iron Marches.
Scorch Warband Also known as Kalla's Killers. Out on a mission aiming to kill the powerful Flame Legion shaman Drakin Cinderspire.
Silent Warband Small warband tasked with keeping control of the Stonecrag Kraal after its capture.
Steam Warband (historical) Was one of the two warbands assigned to the Havoc.
Stone Warband Their task is to keep an eye on the events ongoing at the Steeleye Span and to ensure the survival of Tribune Kyranith Steelgrip.
Thorn Warband (historical) Warband which contained the legendary member of the Ash Legion, Nammal Ashthorn, who was renowned for his skills with the healing arts.
Whip Warband Small warband located at the Duskrend Overlook.

Blood Legion[edit]

Warband Description Known members
Boom Warband Small warband patrolling the Village of Smokestead.
Breaker Warband Small warband located at the Tuyere Command Post.
Crimson Warband (historical) Former warband. The only remaining alive member is a retired soldier named Razah Crimsonfist, who can be found at the Praetor's Canton.
Gut Warband Leading an assault on the Flame Legion stronghold of Invictus Castrum.
Grim Warband (historical) Was found aboard the Brutality.
Blood Legion? (confirmation needed)
Fierce Warband (historical) Rebelled against the shaman caste.
Lash Warband (historical) Was running the North Nolan Hatchery before the Molten Alliance invasion. Only one of its members, Sithio Quicklash, still remain alive, and is now in charge of the hatchery.
Paw Warband Warband in charge of the Temperus Point. Its leader, Centurion Volante Tornpaw, is currently on the Flame Legion hit list due to her multiples victories and operations against them.
Rouse Warband Patrolling the Village of Smokestead.
Ruin Warband Lead by the Blood imperator Bangar Ruinbringer which is located in the Charr Homelands.
Saw Warband Currently tasked with offering protection to the workers of the Bloodsaw Mill.
Shatter Warband Large warband found on the two opposite sides of the Blazeridge Steppes. The ones at the Splintercrest Fort are preventing the ogres from pouring into the Fields of Ruin. The ones at the Brokentooth Maw were cut off the supply route by the Brand and some of the soldiers there started to go mad. At the Splintercrest Fort: At the Brokentooth Maw:
Soul Warband (historical) Led by Almorra Soulkeeper. All of its member except for her were turned into branded during the rising of Kralkatorrik.
Stone Warband Powerful warband led by Rytlock Brimstone.
Zeal Warband (historical) Was one of the two warbands assigned to the Brutality.

Flame Legion[edit]

Warband Description Known members
Burnt Warband (historical) Discovered the titans 250 years ago.
The Fireshadows (historical) Was one of the greatest warbands of its time. They served as an elite espionage and assassination team for the Flame imperator.

Iron Legion[edit]

Warband Description Known members
632nd Armored Death Warband Also known as the Iron's Tailpipe, is a small warband making and repairing tanks for the Sentinels in the Iron Marches.
Boom Warband They are tasked with creating and launching special fireworks for Meatoberfest.
Note: There is also a Blood Legion warband named Boom Warband.
Bane Warband Their main task is to contain the Ascalonian ghosts pouring out from the Ashford Abbey.
Black Warband Running the Tela Range. Their ammunition is often stolen by the nearby skritts.
Blast Warband Tasked with destroying powerful ascalonian statues located in the Human's Lament.
Blight Warband Running a large forge located just outside the Black Citadel.
Burn Warband Running the Irondock Shipyard. Its leader was the one who designed the first submarine prototype called the Iron Barracuda.
Clash Warband Tasked with protecting the Lake Feritas from the Flame Legion located inside Facula Castrum.
Dark Warband Running and defending the Ebonshore Plant.
Eye Warband Warband located inside the Black Citadel. They just received their new orders which are to meet up with Centurion Rabidblood near the Ascalon Basin.
Far Warband Tasked with destroying a roost of harpies located just outside the Village of Smokestead.
Gear Warband Lost one of their tanks during an operation in the Shiverpeak Mountains.
Grind Warband Helping the player testing out their new weapon prototype during Ghostbore Musket.
Gore Warband Warband of Bhuer Goreblade, which he named after his ancestor Drub Goreblade.
Keen Warband Tasked to maintain the Steeleye Span.
Night Warband Tasked with rooting out the Flame Legion holding out at the Incendio Templum.
Rock Warband In charge of security at the Warhound Village.
Rust Warband Running The Wrecking Yard, located just outside the Black Citadel.
Shock Warband Warband of engineers trying to find out new ways to protect soldiers from the harsh climate of the Fireheart Rise.
Shot Warband Offering protection to the Durmand Priory team excavating the Old Piken Ruins.
Shroud Warband (historical) Warband led by Centurion Harrow Shroudweather, who was the commanding officer of the Havoc.
Sleekfur Warband Small warband protecting the road leading to the Town of Cowlfang's Star.
Note: Even though the warband's name is "Sleekfur", the shared name is "Sleek".
Specter Warband In charge of safekeeping the ghost containment unit located inside Exterminatus HQ.
Spine Warband Small warband in charge of security at the Town of Cowlfang's Star.
Steel Warband Warband of Tribune Kyranith Steelgrip. Tasked with fighting any branded creatures who wanders too close to the Steeleye Span.
Strike Warband Warband currently located at the Black Citadel. They took the name of a former warband that got decimated by the Flame Legion.
True Warband Small warband affiliated with the Ebon Vanguard tasked with regaining control of the Wreckage of Doomspy's Watch.
Truth Warband Small warband tasked with rooting out the Flame Legion hiding out in the Echoslab Arches.

Orders of Tyria[edit]

Warband Description Known members
Gem Warband (Durmand Priory) Currently excavating the tomb of Grazden the Protector, located in the middle of Lake Adorea.
Kindle Warband (Order of Whispers) Training new Pact recruits at the Razorslide Bivouac.
Razer Warband (Durmand Priory) Small warband leading the group excavating the Old Piken Ruins.
Skull Warband (Vigil) Small warband located at the Burnt Hollow.
Sky Warband (Vigil) Warband of Pact ships and helicopters pilots.
Smoke Warband (Vigil) Small warband protecting Pact vehicles in the Triumph Plaza.
Soot Warband (Vigil) Small warband located at the Guardian Stone.
Sword Warband (Order of Whispers) Small warband in charge of the attack on the Flame Legion stronghold of Atrox Castrum.


Warband Description Known members
Cheat Warband Small warband in charge of Fort Brandview.
Cruel Warband Investigating a strange crystal formation found at the bottom of the Tenaebron Lake
Faith Warband Occupying Kinar Fort. They also currently have trouble with the nearby skritts, who often steal their munitions.
Glass Warband Small warband trying to take down a dangerous branded griffon roaming the Brandstorm above the Sentinel's Perch.
Gristle Warband Small warband in charge of the Sentinel's Perch.


Warband Description Known members
Crush Warband Small warband of cubs. They often go running about at the Old Duke's Estate to rile up the Ascalonian ghosts.
Dawn Warband Warband of ranchers running the Dawnright Estate.
Death Warband Warband of ranchers running the Stonefall Estate.
Grave Warband (historical) Retired warband whose known member is the primus of the fahrar located at the Deathblade's Watch.
Doom Warband Small warband in charge of security at the Deathblade's Watch.
Heart Warband Warband of young cubs. They are helping Drottot Lashtail with his devourer ranch.
Hook Warband (historical) Warband that was tasked to protect Lake Feritas from threats. All members except for one is left alive and the Clash Warband has come to replace it.
Near Warband Small warband in charge of the mining operations at the Bloodcliff Quarry.
Net Warband Warband of fishers occupying the Dewclaw Village.
Pick Warband (historical) The former warband of Rox. All of its members except for her died during a cave in.
Rapid Warband Warband of ranchers running the Bovarin Estate.
Scale Warband Warband raising and training devourers for the Sentinels in the Iron Marches.
Spit Warband Young warband still in training at the Fahrar of Young Heroes
Stalk Warband Warband of young cubs currently touring the Black Citadel with their primus Tira Quickfury.
Tide Warband (historical) Old warband whose members are living out their days at the Ferrusatos Village.
Timber Warband Warband of loggers running the Raintimber Mill.
Torn Warband (historical) Old warband whose members are living out their days at the Ferrusatos Village.
Venom Warband Small warband working as mercenaries hired by Balthazar to help him with his plans on Draconis Mons.
War Warband Warband of retired soldiers and loggers located at the Warhound Village.