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Three Queens

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The three queens: Alua, Elora, and Ione. They were once heroes of our people who ascended to demigod status and continue to guide us from afar.

Luxon Priestess

The Three Queens are three legendary demi-goddesses known as Alua, Elora, and Ione whom the Luxons worshipped at the Jade Sea alongside the Six Gods.[1] Luxon stories claim that the Three Queens had once been heroes of their people who ascended to demigod status to continue guiding the Luxons from afar. Although faith in the Three Queens has gradually waned after Emperor Usoku subjugated the Luxons and annexed their vassal state into the Empire of Cantha, stories of the Three Queens live on even if the younger generation is not as well versed with them as their ancestors were. The few faithful believe that one day the Three Queens will be reborn and lead the Luxons into a great new era although others are more skeptical of this outcome.[2]

Luxons sometimes name their daughters after the Three Queens, some notable examples being Elora and Ione Storm. According to the latter, her mother wanted her to embrace the path of a brawler and thus named her after Ione, suggesting that the Three Queens may have been revered for their fighting prowess. According to Lady Nari, the Battle of the Three Queens was fought in the distant past, and it may have been one of the greatest battles in Tyria's history.[3]

Luxons eventually sensed strange earthquakes and could not ascertain their origin at first. By 1660 CC (1150 AE), they attributed the phenomenon to Ione being upset that her people had turned away from her after the Luxon absorption into the Empire of the Dragon. Luxon parents began hastening their children to bed under the threat that they might wake the demi-goddess, suggesting that some Luxons believed Ione and potentially the other legendary queens to be asleep.[4] However, scholars would later suggest that the tremors were caused by the Jade Sea slowly melting.[5]


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    The Tyrian gods are worshipped throughout the world, including distant Imperial Cantha. The worship and perception of the gods within the Empire of the Dragon has taken on a uniquely Canthan cast, and the five greater gods of the pantheon share the Canthan heavens with an assortment of lesser demigods comprised of eternal ancestor spirits and legendary heroes granted divine status by the diverse inhabitants of the realm.
    Among the two most populous and distinct vassal cultures in the Empire, the Kurzicks practice a particularly devout and pious form of worship tied to the great Kurzick Houses. The Luxons, on the other hand, believe not only in the five greater gods of the Tyrian pantheon, but also three demigoddesses—the three queens Alua, Elora, and Ione.
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