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Sanctum of the Wild

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Sanctum of the Wild

Point of Interest
Cavern of Guiding Spirits
(Drizzlewood Coast)
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The Sanctum of the Wild is a point of interest within Cavern of Guiding Spirits. It is a shrine to the Spirits of the Wild and it marks the location where the Spirits first revealed themselves to the norn.[1][2] The shrine itself is a ring of pedestals, with each intended to bear an icon of one of the Spirits. Behind it lies a large door, sealed by magic, which leads into what is now the Frost Citadel.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from Waypoint (map icon).png Forward Camp Waypoint, travel directly north, keeping to the western edge of the caves as you go. You will pass through the fiery section marked by Thermal Vent. At the north end of the fiery tunnel, keep following the cave as it becomes icy and turns east.


  • The ruined stonework around the point of interest matches that within the Frost Citadel, and in the section of the Cavern of Guiding Spirits leading up to the Sanctum. This seems to imply that at least part of the Frost Citadel was originally part of the same temple to the Spirits.