Veins of the Dragon

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Veins of the Dragon

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Veins of the Dragon map.jpg
Map of Veins of the Dragon

Veins of the Dragon locator.svg
Location within Hoelbrak

Veins of the Dragon.jpg
Veins of the Dragon

Veins of the Dragon is a small cave system in Hoelbrak. Knut Whitebear has given the Sons of Svanir permission to live in these caves, though the entrances are guarded by the Wolfborn, who watch them constantly. Due to the Sons of Svanir's influence, Jormag's corruption can be seen within the caves.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
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Dragon Hallow




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Tarkad: I don't know how to stop myself. I dream such dark things. They call to me.
Tarkad: Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to...but no, I must not give in. I must remain strong.
Nikolas Haraldsson beckons to <Character name>.
Nikolas Haraldsson: Beware. There are Sons of Svanir in the caves, devotees of Elder Dragon Jormag. They'll rip you apart of you're reckless.
Approaching the Icebrood Claymore
Icebrood Claymore: Have you heard the call?
Icebrood Claymore: Listen closely and you will hear His name.
Icebrood Claymore: He speaks to me. Speaks to all of us.
Icebrood Claymore: Praise Jormag.
Icebrood Claymore: You cannot win against a force of nature.
Icebrood Claymore: You continue to live in fear. In open defiance of a greater being.
Icebrood Claymore: But I ask you this: why fear that which can make you stronger? Why not embrace the ultimate Spirit?
Icebrood Claymore: Transcend your existence and forge your legend with Jormag.
Icebrood Claymore: It's the only way.