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Snowshoe Hare! She's one of the lesser spirits, but she's smart as Raven, loyal as Wolf, strong as Bear...well, at least in the legs.

Linnea in A Trap Foiled

Hare, also known as Spirit of Hare,[1] Bunny,[2] and Snowshoe Hare,[3] is one of the lesser Spirits of the Wild and the natural embodiment of all rabbits.[4] Many norn either do not hold Hare in high regard,[5][6] question her existence,[7] or are simply unaware of her despite her supposedly having a shrine dedicated to her,[3] so few revere her.[8] Untamed, Hare challenges travelers to outlast her mettle in the wilderness of the norn frontier where only the fierce and wild at heart survive.[9]


Early years[edit]

After the Elder Dragon Jormag's rise and the norn exodus in 1165 AE, all Spirits of the Wild became aware of a prophecy involving a chosen norn who would either slay or fall to Jormag after cracking the Fang of the Serpent.[10]

In the years since the exodus, few norn held any regard for Hare.[6] Some even questioned her existence.[7] Sons of Svanir viewed her as particularly weak alongside another lesser Spirit, Mink.[5] Some beliefs and traditions survived among Hare's most faithful followers as well as in norn sayings, however. Hare is said to enjoy root vegetables and be fast as Snow Leopard, smart as Raven, loyal as Wolf, and strong as Bear (or at least in her legs).[3][8] Norn parents with many children were said to be blessed by Hare.[1]

When the young norn Lietta was lost in a blizzard and found her way to Skovtrolde Hearthstead by following a rabbit, she claimed that Hare had sent the rabbit to guide her to safety.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1333 AE, Braham Eirsson tried to invoke the Great Spirits of Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Wolf to open the enchanted door to the Sanctum of the Wild, an ancient place of power in the Drizzlewood Coast where the norn had first encountered the Spirits of the Wild. When the Great Spirits remained silent, Braham resorted to reaching out to the Lesser Spirits to invoke their power instead as the door would only open if several Spirits worked together.

As the Lesser Spirits did not know Braham, he had to prove his worth as the norn of prophecy. Several Lesser Spirits, including Hare, collectively spoke through Braham and presented a riddle which they expected Braham and his companions, including the Pact Commander, to solve as a test. The Spirits ultimately helped open the door with their spiritual energy once Braham and the Commander had successfully solved the riddle by placing notable Spirits' statues on their pedestals in a specific order.[11]


Hare's name is invoked to guide jackalopes to those who perform the ritual of the jackalope; however, the jackalope still needs to be chased after. Once caught, the fur of the jackalope will provide sight beyond someone's own, allowing the wearer to sense the presence of whoever or whatever they are tracking.[12]



  • Hare is featured in norn sayings such as "Hare's tooth grin",[3] "Be like Hare" when adviced to move with caution and to be ready for anything, and "Hare smiled on [one]" upon succeeding at a task.[12]

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