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Now watch your tail, and prepare to fight!


Garm is the wolf companion of the norn Eir Stegalkin, a member of Destiny's Edge. He is a black dire wolf, and stated to be five feet tall. Although Garm looks intimidating and enjoys a good brawl, he has a gentle heart and wisdom to share to those who try to communicate with him.[1][2] Only those who have received Wolf's blessing and turned into wolves can speak with and understand Garm.[3]


Early years[edit]

Garm's early life and the fate of the pack of dire wolves that he was born into are unknown.[4] He eventually met with the norn Eir Stegalkin and chose her as his alpha, however. They became an inseparable pair as Eir forged her legend.

Edge of Destiny[edit]

Garm lived with Eir in the outskirts of Hoelbrak, where Eir would carve statues for the living while searching for a method to combat the Elder Dragons and their minions. During this time he would enjoy watching Eir craft statues, see her prepare for the inevitable retaliations from the Dragonspawn for the norn who attacked it, and join in battle against the icebrood hoards.[5] By 1319 AE, two unusual visitors, the asura Snaff and Zojja, came to Eir's homestead to commission her to carve two giant stone busts. Garm accompanied the three to Rata Sum, where Snaff revealed to the norn and her wolf the purpose of the commissioned busts: to be the heads of a new type of golem power suits mirroring Snaff's and Zojja's likeness. Seeing these, Eir formulated a plan to use them against the Dragonspawn.[6]

The four went to work and confronted the Dragonspawn, but failed to kill it. Its outraged onslaught on Hoelbrak left Knut Whitebear no choice but to banish Eir, and in turn Garm, from the large homestead until she could find "real warriors" to kill the Dragonspawn. The group then left left for Lion's Arch where they recruited the Edge of Steel-an infamous arena prisoner team consisting of the charr Rytlock Brimstone, human Logan Thackeray, and sylvari Caithe-after besting them in a three on three fight. With more numbers and improved golems, the newly formed Destiny's Edge assaulted the Dragonspawn and proved victorious. In the celebration that followed, Eir tested her might against the Fang of the Serpent. Failing to scratch it, she became convinced they were not yet ready to take on an Elder Dragon, and so Destiny's Edge traveled the Tyrian continent fighting dragon minions and champions, felling Morgus Lethe and the Destroyer of Life, where he was outfitted with fireproof metal bardings, over the course of a year.[7]

By 1320 AE, Destiny's Edge got word from Grand Duchess Faolain that Glint, an ancient dragon who had helped Tyria over two hundred years ago, was a dragon champion of an Elder Dragon not yet risen.[8] Deciding to stop this threat despite initial misgivings by some members, Destiny's Edge marched towards the Crystal Desert and eventually found their way into the well concealed lair. After a brief battle with Glint, Destiny's Edge realized they were severely outmatched but pressed on with Eir showing her defiance against the dragon as the sole guild member capable of withstanding Glint's assaults. Glint, however, surprised Eir by revealing that she wanted to stop the Elder Dragons as much as they did. The dragon managed to convince Destiny's Edge that she was not the threat they should face now and that her former master, Kralkatorrik, was soon to awake.[9]

After persuading Glint to join their side and receiving the Dragonsblood Spear from her, Destiny's Edge prepared for the fight against Kralkatorrik.[10] However, as the Elder Dragon awoke and created his army of Branded, he flew south and sent his army to attack Ebonhawke on the way, and Logan was warned via telepathy that Queen Jennah was endangered. Eager to leave, Logan argued with Rytlock and managed to slip through a hole-in-your-pocket portal invention of Snaff's when Eir had told him to do what was right, intending for him to stay. Though short one man and warned by Glint that they only stood a chance against Kralkatorrik if they all worked together, Eir decided to keep to their original plan, altering little to account for Logan's absence.[11]

The guild failed in the end. Kralkatorrik killed Glint personally,[12] and the Branded killed Snaff, before the Elder Dragon flew off.[13] Destiny's Edge broke apart soon after, each member going their own separate way. Eir stopped fighting the Elder Dragons, blaming herself for Snaff's death, and earning ire from the norn youth for giving up. Garm, however, remained by her side through all of this.[14]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

The Molten Alliance, consisting of dredge and a Flame Legion splinter group, rose after Zhaitan's demise and began raiding charr and norn settlements in 1326 AE. Garm accompanied Eir to Knut Whitebear's loft where the matter was discussed. The dire wolf witnessed Eir's son Braham appearing and asking for the Wolfborn to aid Cragstead, which the Molten Alliance was harassing, only for Knut to deny any help due to the limited number of Wolfborn being busy elsewhere. The Pact Commander arrived in time to witness the brief exchange before Braham stormed off, leading Eir to admit to those present that Braham was her son.

After Braham and the Commander had saved who they could at Cragstead and returned to inform Knut and Eir about what they had witnessed, Garm once again observed the exchange between the respective parties and Braham's disagreement with Knut's decision to not get involved. The dire wolf and Eir later learned that Braham, the charr Rox and the Commander had assisted the Vigil in liberating charr and norn prisoners from molten weapons facilities.

Living World Season 2[edit]

The Pact Commander's investigations led to the discovery that the mad sylvari Scarlet Briar's assault on Lion's Arch, which had involved the Molten Alliance among many other cooperating groups, had redirected the flow of ley lines underneath the port city to the Heart of Maguuma to awaken the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Months later, Mordrem minions appeared in various locations in Central Tyria and sought magic for their dragon master. The Commander had their companions meet with people who were close to the leaders of five notable Tyrian nations in order to convince the leaders to attend a summit at the Grove where the growing threat of Mordremoth would be discussed.

The Commander and Braham met with Eir and Garm in her lodge in 1327 AE and tried to convince her to persuade Knut Whitebear to attend the summit as the norn representative. Eir was skeptical about Knut's involvement, however, as the Sons of Svanir had grown in strength and posed too big a threat for Knut to ignore. In order to sway Knut's mind, the Commander swore to disrupt Svanir operations in Frostgorge Sound by raiding the Barrowstead from the south with the Vigil. Braham, Eir and Garm supported the idea and made their way there from the other side.

The raid was successful, and the Vigil dealt a severe blow to the Sons of Svanir in the region. While fighting alongside Eir, Braham had come to see his mother in a new light and began understanding why she had left him with his father Borje the Sun Chaser to forge her legend. While the Commander traveled to the Black Citadel next to see if Rox had made progress with convincing charr leadership to attend the summit, Braham, Eir and Garm headed back to Hoelbrak to celebrate their victory and bond with a feast.

After the leaders of the five nations had agreed to fund the Pact's campaign against Mordremoth following the Mordrem assault on the Grove, Eir and Garm traveled to Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes where the Pact was making preparations to take the fight to the Jungle Dragon's territory. Garm witnessed Braham and Eir bonding for the brief moments they had together as well as the Commander's talks with Destiny's Edge. The Mordrem assaulted the camp sometime later, but casualties were minimals thanks to the Commander who managed to signal aerial bombardment of the area to cull the number of invading dragon minions.

The Pact began preparing faster as a result and launched their fleet in a preemptive strike at Mordremoth and its minions before the Elder Dragon had a chance to amass a new army. All of Destiny's Edge except for the missing Caithe and Rytlock accompanied Marshal Trahearne on the assault to the Heart of Maguuma aboard The Glory of Tyria while the Pact Commander's party was chasing after Caithe who had taken Glint's Egg from them elsewhere.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Unbeknownst to all aboard the Pact fleet, Mordremoth was already strong enough to extend its mental manipulation to the outskirts of Verdant Brink where its voice affected many sylvari who succumbed to the Elder Dragon's call. The combined assault of extending Mordrem vines and many sylvari turning against their fellow Pact members led to the destruction of the Pact fleet.

Garm survived the crash but was separated from Eir and the rest of the Pact in the aftermath. He was lost in the jungle and wandered around for months in search of Eir, unaware of her demise in the battle against the Mordrem Vinetooth. Garm's fate remained unknown to the Pact members who focused their efforts on surviving in the jungle and continuing the fight against Mordremoth. Garm spent months fending for himself in the treacherous jungle of the Heart of Maguuma.[15]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Garm was eventually found by Rox who took him back to Hoelbrak just in time for a memorial held in Eir's honor in 1329 AE, months after Mordremoth's demise. The Pact Commander attended the memorial and comforted Garm, offering him something tasty to eat while the dire wolf was cleaned up.

After he had recovered under the norn's care, Garm accompanied Rox and Frostbite to Bitterfrost Frontier where they found Braham searching for a lost, magical jotun scroll which was rumored to contain a power that could hurt Jormag. Joined by the Commander in later stages of the search, the party headed deeper inside an ancient cave where they eventually recovered the scroll after defeating its fierce guardian. Garm witnessed Braham lashing out at the Commander after the two had a disagreement over what to do with the threat the Elder Dragons posed.

Garm reluctantly followed Braham to Hoelbrak and saw him shooting Eir's bow, which had been enchanted with the jotun scroll, at the Fang of the Serpent which cracked, fulfilling the norn prophecy. The act rallied many young and battle-ready norn behind Braham who founded a new Destiny's Edge guild to keep Eir's memory alive and take the fight to Jormag. Rox, however, advised Braham to only take a small party to scout the north first so they could see what kind of damage they could do to the Elder Dragon before mobilizing a larger force.[16]

Braham, Garm, Rox, and the new Destiny's Edge—which included the norn Alva, Olar and Torrin—traveled beyond Bitterfrost Frontier in search of Jormag. During the journey, Garm showed affection towards Alva and often rested his head in her lap.[17] When the guild found Jormag in 1330 AE, Braham neglected Rox's advice and opted to fight the Elder Dragon with the guild. As they surrounded Jormag, however, they suddenly heard the Elder Dragon's anguished roar and saw it return to the ice before they could attack it. Braham immediately suspected that the Commander had been responsible for Jormag's changed state somehow.

Realizing they were unable to reach Jormag in its current state, the guild returned south. Angry and ashamed of his failure, Braham left the disappointed Alva, Olar and Torrin at Jora's Keep in Bjora Marches while heading back to Hoelbrak with Rox and Garm to think of a way to reach Jormag and finish the mission.[18][19][20] After the return to Hoelbrak, Braham wrote a letter to Taimi explaining what he had witnessed and asking her about the Commander.[21]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Following Braham's somber return to Hoelbrak, Garm retired. Portals began opening around the settlement a few months later, however, with Awakened invaders pouring out. Garm did not accompany Braham and Rox who entered the portals to find the source of the mysterious invaders. Rox later mentioned that Garm had retired.[22]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1333 AE, Wolf summoned Garm to Bjora Marches to assist Braham who was struggling against the Sons of Svanir and Icebrood there. Braham was surprised to see the dire wolf so far in the north and did not think of Wolf's involvement at first. When the pair was ambushed by an overwhelming force of Jormag's minions, Braham sent Garm to call for help. With Wolf's guidance, Garm found the Pact Commander who had also traveled to Bjora Marches. Together, the pair hurried to Braham and helped him defeat the ambush, after which Braham revealed that he had gone looking for Crecia Stoneglow and Rytlock Brimstone who had not reported back from their scouting mission.

The trio traveled to the local kodan settlement of Spirits' Refuge where they found Crecia and Rytlock whom the kodan had imprisoned due to suspecting the charr of being influenced members of the rogue Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's forces. They met with the village's leader, Cloudseeker, and convinced him that the charr pair were no threat to his people. Ordering the release of the captives, Cloudseeker told the party about the strange whispers which had been affecting people throughout the region and that the source of these whispers was Drakkar, a champion of Jormag, who had effectively rendered itself immortal via leeching magic from the corrupted Spirits of the Wild known as Ox, Eagle, and Wolverine.

While Crecia and Rytlock were following the trail of Bangar's army, Garm ran away from the village and headed towards Drakkar Lake. Worried about Garm's safety and curious what had alerted the dire wolf, Braham followed him despite orders to stay put. By the time the pair reached the remains of the old norn settlement of Sifhalla and the shrine dedicated to Wolf under the frozen lake, Braham realized the reason Garm's actions: Wolf himself manifested and ask Braham to summon the Commander to the ruins. By the time the Commander and Vigil Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir reached Sifhalla to see if Braham and Garm were alright, they came face to face with the Great Spirit as well.

Wolf explained that Braham, as the norn of prophecy due to cracking Jormag's fang in Hoelbrak, was destined to either slay or fall to Jormag. Even the three Lost Spirits would recognize Braham's destiny, so only Braham could reach out to them through the corruption and demand their power in order to defeat Drakkar and end the threat of the whispers. Wolf also explained that Braham could only take the mantle of true norn and Become the Wolf with the Great Spirit's blessing once he had defeated Drakkar.

Following the meeting with Wolf, Jhavi left to prepare her forces for an assault on Drakkar while the Commander and Braham left to seek out the power of the Lost Spirits. Garm, however, did not participate in either event and was also absent when Braham destroyed Drakkar.

End of Dragons story[edit]

According to Taimi, following the conclusion of the Icebrood War, Braham took Garm to the Great Lodge to care for him while he recovered.[23]


Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Eir's Companion

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png



  • Garm can be spoken to during The Last of the Giant-Kings story instance, should the player have chosen to seek Wolf's blessing with the quest Twilight of the Wolf.
  • Visiting Eir in Stonewright's Steading in Hoelbrak with a norn character results in Garm following the character around the map.
  • A book cart in northeast Ebonhawke stronghold includes a child's story told in pictures called "Garm and Friends." It tells the story of a heroic wolf and his companions.
  • During some story instances, such as Rumors of Trouble, Garm can be seen running around outside with a wolf pup.
  • There is a Lionguard Polearm in the Blood Tribune Quarters in the Black Citadel that mentions Garm and Rytlock Brimstone as the last contestants standing in the 1320 Lion's Arch Tournament.
  • The exact details of how and where Garm and Eir first met, what happened to other dire wolves, and how Garm came to view Eir as his pack alpha remain unknown. It has been suggested that one day this story might be told.[4]


  • Garm is a dog who guards the gate of Hel and is associated with Ragnarök in Norse mythology.
  • It is mentioned in J. Robert King's Edge of Destiny that Garm's eyes are of a "fire-red" color, yet in the game they are blue.
  • Garm has been confirmed to weigh 280 pounds (127kg).

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