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Long ago, Koda, the Ancient One, Founder of the Earth, Keeper of the Sky, formed the world. In the beginning, the spirits of the world were wild and untamed. In time, many took physical form: spirits of stone, spirits of water, spirits of wind, spirits of soil, spirits of plants and birds and creeping things. All things with form have spirits... as do many formless things.

But one day the bear stood up and looked around him and saw that the spirits of the world were restless and chaotic. He could not understand the endless cycles of creation and destruction. And so bear was the first creature to speak, and with his first words he asked Koda, "Why is this so?" And Koda was pleased and made this offer to the bear: "If you would watch and learn, then watch and learn, and you shall protect and guide the spirits of this world." And those who praised Koda and accepted this offer became the kodan. And those who were not ready and did not wish to change remained as bears.

The Wisdom and Power of the Kodan

Koda the Founder, also Koda the Creator, is the god of the kodan. The kodan believe he formed Tyria and all spirits in it, and the kodan were chosen to protect and guide the spirits of the world. The kodan see that they are the most enlightened of all the races; as they listen to the will of Koda it is their duty to watch over the world, judge other races, and ensure they are in balance with nature.


According to kodan beliefs, Koda is a primal spirit who formed Tyria and the spirits in it.[1][2] The spirits were untamed, and some of them took physical form over time. One day, the bear stood up and asked Koda why the spirits had to go through endless cycles of creation and destruction. Koda was pleased by this show of curiosity and made the bear an offer: if the bear continued watching the world and learning why it functioned the way it did, it and its offspring would be given the task to protect and guide the other spirits, ranging from spirits of stone and water to the spirits of plants and creatures that inhabited the world. Those who accepted Koda's offer became the kodan, while those who were not ready to become guides and did not wish to change remained as bears. Under Koda's guidance, the kodan tribes were led by the Voices, who spiritually interpreted Koda's will, and the Claws, who in turn interpreted the Voices' cryptic messages and carried them out while acting as intermediaries between the Voices and the rest of the kodan of their respective tribes.[2][3][4]

The kodan weathered the Dragonstorm during the previous rise of the Elder Dragons.[3][5] The kodan who had survived the Dragonstorm began building sanctuaries like Sorrow's Eclipse out of icebergs. They believed that the icebergs were a gift from Koda to help them spread his message of enlightenment and balance to the spirits and races of Tyria.

One tale tells how Koda entrusted the Fire Spirit to one of the kodan tribes. Originally small and meek, the spirit grew in size and speed under the tribe's care until it no longer needed to be carried by the kodan and began spreading throughout the world while causing destruction in its wake. The spirit's reckless actions made the other spirits sad, and Koda was not pleased. He demanded that the tribe, who the spirit had been entrusted to, would guide it and teach it where to go. However, the tribe misunderstood Koda's intentions and initially taught the spirit only what to destroy, which made the tribe suffer what they interpreted as Koda's rage and experienced a Time of Great Trial, during which the kodan sheltered the fire in their sanctuaries.[6] When the Time of Great Trial passed, the kodan realized they also needed to teach the Spirit of Fire about what to create so the spirit's actions would be in balance according to Koda's views. As a result, they taught the spirit about life and how to keep living things warm in the cold as the spirit settled into their home in Sorrow's Eclipse.

As the years passed, the Spirit of Fire no longer needed the tribe to survive. As Koda had intended, the spirit had learned all it could and it, in turn, taught the kodan how the flame was a pure form of harmony balancing creation and destruction, symbolizing the delicate fulcrum in which all living things existed by Koda's grace. After many years of harmony, the spirit grew old and prepared to leave Tyria behind. According to the tale, Koda gifted special braziers to the tribe who had been entrusted with the spirit so they could preserve the last remaining flame begot by the spirit itself as protection against the cold and spread the wisdom of Koda's Flame to future flamebearers when the time was right.[6]


Koda communicates with the kodan through a Voice, a kodan who is chosen to seek and interpret the will of Koda. Koda's will, as translated by a Voice and presented to the kodan through a Claw, supersedes any single kodan's wishes.[4][7] Koda is said to periodically create a "Time of Trial" to test the spirituality and the strength of the kodan in a sanctuary by infecting a Voice with an insanity called the Rage of Koda.[8][9] When the infected Voice dies, the kodan believe that Koda himself has examined them, purified all sin, and everything has been judged and set to order.[2]

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  • Koda is a masculine name which means 'ally,' 'friend,' and 'little bear,' in Dakota.
  • Koda is featured in various kodan phrases such as in the sayings "Koda the judge, kodan the jury" and in the greetings "Koda bless you,"[10] and "Koda's blessings upon you."[11] When one dies and is buried, they have "passed into Koda's arms" and are "placed against Koda's breast."[12] Those wishing to meet with their deceased loved ones are said to be "reunited at Koda's feet."[13]
  • Koda is also referred to as:
    • The Ancient One
    • Founder of the Earth
    • Keeper of the Sky
    • Koda the Creator
    • Koda the Founder[3][2]
  • The Koda's Flame mastery is inspired by Koda.

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