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Veteran Relief Crew Scout

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to The Icebrood Saga.

Veteran Relief Crew Scouts are members of the Vigil's relief crew sent to Jora's Keep after its inhabitants were wiped out by Sons of Svanir forces. These scouts were sent into Bjora Marches to find survivors that were taken away. Many of them have begun to hear voices telling them to rest, not trust their allies, and embrace the cold.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Speaking to nearby Relief Crew Scout at Southern Mountains
Commander...we're just resting. It's so easy to get tired out here. Just needed a moment. Rest with us.
Talk more option tango.png Aren't you cold?
We have our stories to keep us warm. Stories about Bjora Marches. Things we've heard.
Talk more option tango.png Can I hear a story?
Which one would you like to hear? A tale of Asgeir? The fall of the Nornbear? The legend of the boneskinner?
Talk ready option.png Let's hear about Asgeir.
Relief Crew Scout: Your people fought Jormag once before. Knocked out a tooth, if I remember it right?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Long ago when Jormag first woke. Drove the norn and the kodan from our ancestral home.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: We rallied around the great hunter Asgeir, praying for the Spirits of the Wild to give us aid.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: My grandmother was there the day Asgeir and his hunting party left to face the dragon. It was cold—even for a norn.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Only Asgeir returned, many weeks later, dragging one of Jormag's teeth from behind his dolyaks.
Relief Crew Scout: What happened to the others?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Asgeir wouldn't speak of it. But he and the surviving spirits led us further south. To Hoelbrak.
Relief Crew Scout: He hung the tooth in your lodge.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: And was never the same. Legend has it, the norn who breaks the Fang of the Serpent will be the one who defeats Jormag...
Relief Crew Scout: But?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: He already failed.
Talk ready option.png The Nornbear—that sounds interesting.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: The Nornbear. That's a good story, one of my favorites. I'm honored you'd ask me to tell it.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Jora and Svanir were sister and brother. Young followers of Bear, eager to forge their own legends.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Bear represents strength of body and mind. Our mightiest spirit, or so her havrouns claim.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: The siblings set out into the wilderness to find the strongest prey to honor her. Instead, they discovered a dark power.
Relief Crew Scout: Jormag.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Drakkar. A champion of Jormag, sheltered beneath a frozen lake.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Speaking through Drakkar, Jormag made them promises of power. Jora denied the dragon, but Svanir...
Relief Crew Scout: He gave in.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Jormag's power corrupted him. He took the shape of a great bear, twisted by the dragon's magic. More ice than flesh.
Relief Crew Scout: And Jora...?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Some believe the Spirits of the Wild punished her for doing nothing to stop him. Others think Jormag was to blame.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Jora lost her own ability to become the bear. Yet she tracked Svanir, knowing only she could do what needed to be done.
Relief Crew Scout: She killed her own brother.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: She killed the Nornbear. And so the spirits restored her magic to her.
Relief Crew Scout: Jhavi must be proud.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: You'd think so. The victory was Jormag's. Jora inspired future generations of norn, but...
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: So did Svanir.
Talk ready option.png Tell me about the boneskinner.
Relief Crew Scout: My friend... She disappeared almost a week ago. I still hear her calling to me sometimes. At night.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: That isn't your friend.
Relief Crew Scout: What do you mean?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Your eyes, your ears... You can't trust them out here. Especially at night.
Relief Crew Scout: I—I don't understand.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: The boneskinner.
Relief Crew Scout: Boneskinner?
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: The forest is home to dark and powerful magic. It makes some...hungry.
Relief Crew Scout: Hungry.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: Those who give in—those who eat the flesh of their own—become the boneskinner.
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: It doesn't just consume you. It takes your voice, your last words, your dying screams...
Veteran Relief Crew Scout: And it uses you to hunt.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not interested after all.