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Jora's Keep

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Jora's Keep

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Map of Jora's Keep

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Jora's Keep is the local Vigil stronghold in Bjora Marches. It stands where the homestead of Jora herself once was.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png General's Quarters
Point of interest (map icon).png Vigil Gate





Karma Merchant (map icon).png Anette Eymundrdottir
Merchant (vendor icon).png Flannan


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

In the General's Quarters (only present after completing The Invitation)
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: She was the only one who saw me as Jhavi. Not Jhavi Jorasdottir. Just Jhavi.
Marjory Delaqua: You trusted Almorra, right?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: With all my heart.
Marjory Delaqua: Then you know she made the right call when she chose you.
Marjory Delaqua: You're looking grim.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: "The Vigil needs you." That was the last thing I said to her.
Marjory Delaqua: I know what it's like. Losing someone you love.
Marjory Delaqua: The wound heals with time, sure. But the scar? That's forever.
Marjory Delaqua: It still hurts sometimes...and there's nothing you can do—
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: But...move forward.
Marjory Delaqua: We move forward.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I don't know Kasmeer well. But I do know she's lucky to have you.
Marjory Delaqua: All right, boss. What's next?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Like I said. We move forward.
Inside the keep (only present after completing What's Left Behind)
Vigil Relief Crew (1): So many.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Should have seen it coming. The way the Svanir talk about their dragon.
Relief Crew Agent: There's no way you could have seen...this.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): They were protecting their god. Was only a matter of time before they came for us.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Have you...found General Soulkeeper?
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Almorra can handle herself. I'm sure she's okay.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): You checked the bodies? All of them?
Vigil Relief Crew (2): She'll be back soon. Jhavi and the other missing people, too. They'll know what to do.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): It's not over.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Without Almorra, it is. How many more of our friends' bodies do you need to burn to get that into your skull?
Vigil Relief Crew (1): They did their job. We've still got ours. Long as we're breathing.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): If the others turned on us...
Relief Crew Agent: You have to trust them. Not all norn follow Jormag.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Just the males.
Relief Crew Agent: They follow the Raven, the Snow Leopard, the Wolf
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Look around you. It's gonna happen again if somebody doesn't do something about it!
Relief Crew Agent: We need them.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Do we?
Inside the keep (only present after completing The Wind and Nothing More)
Vigil Relief Crew (1): You're right. The general wouldn't want us to wallow.
Relief Crew Agent: She was a warrior. The best we can honor her—
Vigil Relief Crew (1): —Is to keep fighting.
Relief Crew Agent: Can you imagine how upset she would be if she knew we had a ceremony for her?
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Yeah. I can.
Vigil Relief Crew: No. No...
Relief Crew Agent: She's...gone.
Vigil Relief Crew: Where is she? Show me. I wanna see her.
Relief Crew Agent: She went down fighting the Svanir. Dragon worshippers. It's what she would have wanted.
Relief Crew Agent: She a legend.
Vigil Relief Crew: I'm going to kill every last one of those bastards.
In the courtyard (only present after completing The Wind and Nothing More)
Vigil Relief Crew (1): We're in good hands now that Jhavi's back—
Vigil Relief Crew (2): —Without General Soulkeeper.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Jhavi's here, and she's ready to lead. We need to act.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Almorra's still out there.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): The general is dead.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): I'm not following orders from Jhavi. She's one of them. Norn.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): What happened here wasn't Jhavi's fault. The Svanir don't even accept women.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Dragon. Raven. Wolf. Spirits of the Wild—they're all false gods. What's the difference?
Vigil Relief Crew (1): You knew this day would come. She's charr. You live to die on the battlefield.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Is that what they taught you?
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Almorra was prepared. And she chose Jhavi to take her place. It's our duty to respect that.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Don't lecture me about duty, mouse.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Been...seeing things out there. Doesn't make sense.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): The light on the ice. It does that.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): The soldiers... They were sleeping in the snow.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Tried to wake them. They looked so peaceful. They were...smiling.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Your eyes are just playing tricks. You need to rest.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): My sire died a long time ago... but I swear I could hear his voice in the pass.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): I heard someone singing. A lullaby from when I was little. Exactly how I remembered it.
Near the Vigil Gate [verification requested]
Vigil Relief Crew (1): Jora's Keep was home. A refuge for the lost... And now, I don't know where to go—
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Even after Mordremoth died, my own friends didn't trust me anymore...
Vigil Relief Crew (2): So I came here. Almorra... She saw something in me. She saw it in you too.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): The others... They won't look at me. Won't talk to me.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Your people turned. Joined the Svanir and pledged themselves to Jormag. How did you expect the others to react?
Vigil Relief Crew (1): What's it gonna take for them to see that I'm no traitor?
Vigil Relief Crew (2): They'll come around. Or they won't.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): I felt so tired... I couldn't move. My eyes shut and–
Vigil Relief Crew (2): –And then you heard it.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): The voice of a friend.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): "Everything will be all right."
Vigil Relief Crew (1): I fought alongside him for years...since we were children. Took on Kralkatorrik together...and we won.
Vigil Relief Crew (2): Jormag's influence runs deep.
Vigil Relief Crew (1): I wouldn't have turned. If I'da been here...I'd have died fighting with the rest.
Inside the storehouse
Relief Crew Scholar: My—my detection console, my scanners... All destroyed. It's like they knew exactly where to hit us.
Vigil Relief Crew: They had eyes on the inside.
Relief Crew Scholar: How many of our reinforcements are norn?
Vigil Relief Crew: Didn't get a good count.
Relief Crew Scholar: I'll do it. Somebody needs get an accurate inventory of Vigil personnel.
Vigil Relief Crew: Right. An "inventory."
Relief Crew Scholar: Slaughtered our people. Destroyed my equipment. Took Almorra hostage. Flux it all.
Vigil Relief Crew: What would the Svanir need her for?
Relief Crew Scholar: If only I'd put a tracker on her, we could find out. Rescue her.
Relief Crew Scholar: I suppose I can start over from scratch.
Vigil Relief Crew: We're Vigil. We move forward, always.
Relief Crew Scholar: Yes, three dragons down, three to go.
Vigil Relief Crew: Three to go.
Vigil Relief Crew: Someone was following me out there.
Relief Crew Scholar: You're in shock. It's common after something—
Vigil Relief Crew: No! I heard...voices...
Relief Crew Scholar: Do you think Jhavi's authorized to approve replacements for my scanners?
Vigil Relief Crew: I'd wait. She's been through a lot.
Relief Crew Scholar: Oh, uh–of course. Maybe she'll allow for some upgrades to the detection console. Won't cost...much.
Vigil Relief Crew: (sigh)
Outside the keep, a trio of Vigil members arrive from the west and resume their patrol back to Spirits' Refuge
Vigil Marksman: Jhavi's been keeping Drakkar busy. To be that close to the source of the whispers... I don't know how she does it.
Vigil Recruit: Rage. She desires revenge. You know what Drakkar did to Svanir.
Vigil Crusader: Yes, the legends of Svanir have only grown more relevant these past weeks.
Vigil Marksman: They're not legends. They are a history we cannot repeat.
Vigil Crusader: Well, I know one thing at least: Jhavi's the last norn I'd want as a blood enemy.
Vigil Recruit: Ha! Yeah, never thought I'd say this, but I almost feel bad for Drakkar.
Vigil Marksman: Almost. Come on, let's stay focused.


Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Eternal Ice.png Eternal Ice
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Verdant Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Winter Root Vegetables


  • The NPCs and dialogue at Jora's Keep is altered throughout the story:
    • Additional Vigil Relief Crew get added throughout the keep as the story progresses, with dialogue about Jhavi and Almorra's fates added after What's Left Behind and The Wind and Nothing More.
    • After completing Silence and before completing The Invitation, Vigil crew will be burning bodies on pyres outside the eastern gate.
    • Jhavi and Marjory will be in the General's Quarters after completing The Invitation. Before then, it will be generic Vigil NPCs.