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The jungle, Ameyalli, blesses you.

Kaana Miatli

Ameyalli is the name of the hylek nature goddess. She is an animistic deity worshiped by the Itzel and Nuhoch tribes. To these hylek, Ameyalli is both the spirit and substance of the Heart of Maguuma itself.[1] As such any challenge, prey, and predator that enters the jungle is a blessing (or blessing in disguise) sent by Ameyalli.[2] The sole exception to this belief are the Mordrem, which the hylek view as invaders with nothing to gain from.[3][4] Followers of Zintl view the Mordrem invasion of the jungle as proof that Ameyalli has failed the hylek and is not worth worshiping anymore, and use this belief as propaganda to promote Zintl's faith among the tribes of Maguuma.[5]


  • Ameyalli means "spring" in Nahuatl.