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The Dreamer III: The Lover

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The Dreamer III: The Lover is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the precursor weapon, The Lover, for the legendary short bow, The Dreamer. This collection is the third step to obtain the precursor.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. The Dreamer III: The Lover Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
Desire leads to dreams, and the passions of the heart to the yearnings of the soul. Some dreams are bright, some are dark, some are for things lost, and some are for things yet to be.
Gather these fragments of dreams and desires to channel into your efforts to create the legendary precursor known as The Lover.
Prerequisite: Historian of the Armaments
Unlock Item:Perfected Short Bow.png Perfected Short Bow
Reward:Chest of Dreams.png Chest of Dreams
Collected 1 items 1Achievement points
Collected 30 items 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Evon's Dreams of Economic Dominance.png Evon's Dreams of Economic Dominance Talk to Evon Gnashblade in Lion's Arch.
Kiel's Dreams for Lion's Arch.png Kiel's Dreams for Lion's Arch Talk to Ellen Kiel in Lion's Arch.
Ventari's Dream.png Ventari's Dream Imbue a Superior Sigil of Dreams at Ventari's Tablet in the Omphalos Chamber of the Grove.
Owain's Dreams for Southsun Cove.png Owain's Dreams for Southsun Cove Talk to Owain in Southsun Cove.
Dream of the Future.png Dream of the Future Dropped by steam creatures primarily found in Lornar's Pass.
Mossman's Dream.png Mossman's Dream Dropped by The Mossman in Swampland Fractal
Dream of Ancestral Ascalon.png Dream of Ancestral Ascalon Found in the Urban Battleground Fractal chest.
Dream of the Ascalonians.png Dream of the Ascalonians Dropped by Ascalonian Ghosts.
Dream of Jormag.png Dream of Jormag Dropped by the Sons of Svanir.
Dream of Mordremoth.png Dream of Mordremoth Dropped by Nightmare Court.
Dream of Kralkatorrik.png Dream of Kralkatorrik Dropped by branded creatures.
Dream of Primordus.png Dream of Primordus Dropped by Destroyers.
Dream of Zhaitan.png Dream of Zhaitan Dropped by risen Orrians.
Dream of the Ancient.png Dream of the Ancient Found in the Karka Queen's chest.
Dream of Ancient Tyria.png Dream of Ancient Tyria Sleep in the treasure room of the Provernic Crypt in Gendarran Fields.
Dream of the Flame Temple.png Dream of the Flame Temple Found in the Font of Rhand chest.
Dream of Peace.png Dream of Peace Purchase from Legionnaire Crunchbone after assisting the charr delegation or from Vanguard Lieutenant Viles after supporting the human delegation in Fields of Ruin.
Dream of the Deep.png Dream of the Deep Found in the Aquatic Ruins Fractal chest.
Dream of Ancient Orr.png Dream of Ancient Orr Imbue a Superior Sigil of Dreams at the Azabe Qabar, the Royal Tombs place of power in Cursed Shore.
Dream of the Titans.png Dream of the Titans Dropped by Flame Legion.
Suwash's Dream.png Suwash's Dream Talk to Suwash once he has been made a pirate captain in Lornar's Pass.
Dream of Dwayna.png Dream of Dwayna Found in the chest after cleansing the Cathedral of Zephyrs in Malchor's Leap.
Dream of Melandru.png Dream of Melandru Found in the chest after cleansing the Cathedral of Verdance in Cursed Shore.
Dream of Lyssa.png Dream of Lyssa Found in the chest after cleansing the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance in Malchor's Leap.
Dream of Grenth.png Dream of Grenth Found in the chest after cleansing the Cathedral of Silence in Cursed Shore.
Dream of Balthazar.png Dream of Balthazar Found in the chest after cleansing the Cathedral of Glorious Victory in Straits of Devastation.
Dream of Badazar.png Dream of Badazar Dropped by Badazar's Champion in the Martyr's Woods in Plains of Ashford.
Scarlet's Dream.png Scarlet's Dream Imbue a Superior Sigil of Dreams at the wreckage of the Breachmaker in Lion's Arch.
The Dreamer Vol. 3.png The Dreamer Vol. 3 Purchased from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs after training the Historian of the Armaments ability in the Legendary Crafting Mastery Track.
Perfected Short Bow.png Perfected Short Bow Salvage this weapon to receive its spirit, needed to craft the next tier of this legendary precursor.

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