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Disambig icon.png This article is about spiritual beings with special powers. For norn spirit guides, see Spirits of the Wild. For spirits of the dead, see Ghost.

Spirits are spectral beings that wield special magical powers. Some spirits are said to be spiritual incarnations of specific locations,[1] while others are simply spectral constructs that have never been alive. Many spirits become guardians of the locations they appear in.[2]

Unlike ghosts and Spirits of the Wild, at least some Canthan spirits' powers increase or decrease depending on how much they and the places they live in are revered. Spirits that gain more followers and offerings are able to grow bigger and take on physical forms, as was the case with the Shrine Guardian, while those whose power diminishes lose their physical manifestation over time and take on a lesser spiritual form, as was the case with the Shrine Cat.[3]

Some spirits can split off parts of themselves to assist mortals as seen with the Shrine Guardian creating lesser forms of herself known as Shrine Guardian Helpers;[4] however, continued use of this ability without replenishing their magic in between may end up weakening said spirits and make them invisible to mortal eyes.[3] A few spirits bound to special magical locations such as Urgoz of the Echovald Forest are believed to be able to regenerate after their seeming death.[5]


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