Andil Mjelde

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Andil Mjelde is a norn found under Trade Commons's bridge in Hoelbrak.


Shiverpeak Mountains


I'm fed up. We sit here, making art, draining kegs, and waiting for a hero to break that lousy tooth. Meanwhile, Jormag and his minions squat in what used to be our land—taking what must not be taken.
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What would breaking a tooth do?
The prophecy says that whoever breaks Jormag's tooth will lead us in defeating Jormag. So, we wait like lazy beasts until that day. Disgusting.
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So, what should be done?
We have no need to wait! We should be battling the dragons now! If we all fought together, they wouldn't stand a chance!
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Attacking without a leader could be a disaster.
Bah! It's the fight that matters. Are we sheep, or are we hunters?
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Good luck.
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I'll see you around.
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I have to go.
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From you, nothing. Good-bye.