Khrigar Ripjaw

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Khrigar Ripjaw is a Vigil member stationed at Safewatch Vale in Frostgorge Sound. He is keeping an eye on the grawl to ensure they do not fall pray to Jormag.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Grawl have always been pesky beasts, but this tribe is by far the worst.
All grawl are just hooting ape-people.
These grawl encountered the Claw—lieutenant of Jormag—and are now worshiping the fiend. If corruption overtakes them, they'll become a serious threat.
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Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
What has their barbarism led them to do, now? same as Ferocity above
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How so? same as Ferocity above
If in the Order of Whispers
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Say what's left unsaid.
The Order's preparing for the unpreparable. One grawl tribe worshipping the Claw is bad enough, but what if other grawl join them? Jormag would gain tons of potential minions.
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Jormag's minions seem to flock to it.
That's what makes Jormag different. Other dragons corrupt creatures in order to enslave them, but Jormag entices victims with promises of power before they're corrupted.
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I wonder how Jormag benefits from that. See you.
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Yikes, we can't have that.
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They sure know how to make a mess of things.