Honor's Claw

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Honor's Claw is the Claw in the Honor of the Waves. He shares a bond with Honor's Voice and tries to save her from Kodan's Bane, The Huntsman of Jormag with the help of Eir Stegalkin and Caithe. He gives into despair after the Voice's death, but is encouraged to keep protecting his people by Eir. Afterwards, he decides to hunt down the remaining Sons of Svanir plundering the Honor of the Waves and killing and corrupting the kodan within, which inevitably included the Honor's Claw's own sons.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Speaking to Honor's Claw in Honor of the Waves (explorable)
We must destroy the corruption that's englufed this Sanctuary.
Talk end option tango.png Let's go.


  • Unlike most dungeon NPCs, at least one of Honor's Claw's skills utilize control effects.
  • Honor's Claw is voiced by Dave Carter.