Talon Bladedancer

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Talon Bladedancer is a member of the Durmand Priory found walking around the Trade Commons who is on a mission to find lost histories of the Shiverpeak Mountains.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Brr. They warn you about the cold here, but you don't really know it until you feel it.
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What brings you to Hoelbrak, then?
I'm on a mission, searching the Shiverpeaks for lost history. The Durmand Priory found a reference in an old tome about an ancient scroll.
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What's the scroll? (if Durmand Priory)
Our superiors in the Priory have gotten it into their heads that the Grakk paintings hold a clue about the location of an ancient jotun scroll that talks about the Elder Dragons.
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I didn't think the Grakk paintings had been translated.
Scholars at the Priory broke the code a few months ago- or so they believe. They sent me and my warband out here to prove them right. If this scroll has important information-
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-then it'll give us leverage against the dragons. Good luck.
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Best of luck on your search, then. Farewell.
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What's the scroll about?
Maybe it's about the Elder Dragons. Maybe not. I'll know when I find it. The Priory's eager to get their hands on it, no matter what. The dragons have puffed everybody's tails.
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You think the scroll is in Hoelbrak?
The Durmand Priory believes the scroll may have been in the possession of Asgeir when he came down from the mountains to this valley. It's just a theory, though.
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Well, good luck.
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Okay, then. Good luck.
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Safe journey.


  • Asgeir's name was originally misspelled as Aesgir in the dialogue.