Griffon (Spirit of the Wild)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Spirit of the Wild. For other uses, see Griffon (disambiguation).

Griffon is one of the lesser Spirits of the Wild and the embodiment of all griffons. According to her shaman, she is strongest when her flock begins its winter migration.


It is common for norn who hunt griffons to invoke Griffon and the prey's name with respect after a successful kill such as when the Slayer of Issormir slew the great Windshear, Griffon's "son", to empower an axe with his blood in 1325 AE.[1]

According to Griffon's shamans, one can encourage Griffon with offerings of food and drink.




  • According to Beigarth the Smith and Eir Stegalkin, the great owl griffon Windshear had the qualities of strength and courage as well as the power to invoke fear and turn animals into feral, vicious versions of themselves. It is unknown if Griffon herself has the same qualities and abilities, however.


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    Eir Stegalkin: Claim your prize, Slayer. Plunge this steel into Windshear's heart.
    <Character name>: Hear me, spirit of Griffon! Your son, Windshear, was worthy prey. His heart's blood honors my steel.