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Rare Collections

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Rare Collections is a category of Collections achievements.


Rare Collections.png
Rare Collections (Collections)
Total achievements: 73 Central Tyria mastery point 898Achievement points

Unlocking collections[edit]

There are three ways to unlock collections:

  • Unlocked and visible: these collections are automatically unlocked.
  • Unlocked but hidden: these collections are automatically unlocked, but hidden from view until the player binds or consumes at least one of the required items within the collection.
  • Visible but locked: players cannot add to these collections until they have unlocked them by acquiring a specific item:
Collection Unlocked by Source
Jormag Defense Guide Orrian Artifact Shards.pngJormag's Claw Fragment Rare reward upon defeat of Claw of Jormag.
Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Premium Book Cover.pngSketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Crafted by level 400 Scribe tango icon 20px.pngScribes.