Whispering Echo

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Whispering Echo is a kodan found in Deep and Troubled Waters.


Event involvement[edit]

Event swords (tango icon).png
Clear the icebrood from Deep and Troubled Waters (78)
Event boss (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat the Icebrood Atrocity (78)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Defend Cresting Wave as he stands against the icebrood (78)
Event fist (tango icon).png
Weaken Deep Song to make her regain her sanity (78)


We've come this far, only to be met by more icebrood. Is no place self?
Talk more option tango.png
Are there icebrood where you come from?
The worst sort. The Claw of Jormag hunted our fleeing sanctuaries, and devastated Honor of the Waves. It's only a matter of time before the Claw finds us, too.
Talk end option tango.png
And if it does, we'll fight it. Hang in there.
During events on Deep and Troubled Waters


Do you need help?
Koda's blessings upon you.
The answers lie hidden around you.
I greet you like the sun greats the morning.
Life is a trial, Koda the judge and kodan the jury.