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Accessory slots in trinket section of hero panel's equipment tab

Accessories are trinkets with two unique slots in the trinket section of hero panel's equipment tab. Accessories provide the smallest attribute bonuses of the three types of trinkets, the other two being rings and amulets. For a comprehensive list, see list of accessories. An upgrade component can be applied to increase the characters attributes.


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Here is a list of acquisition methods for level 80 accessories.

Crafting recipes[edit]

Accessories can be crafted by the Jeweler profession, in the category Earrings. The general recipe is:

1 Earring = 1 Setting + 1 Hook + 1 Activator
Earring Skill Level to craft Requires Ingots
Copper Earring Copper Earring 0-50 1  Copper Hook.png Copper Hook + 1  Copper Setting.png Copper Setting
Silver Earring Silver Earring 75-125 1  Silver Hook.png Silver Hook + 1  Silver Setting.png Silver Setting
Gold Earring Gold Earring 150-200 1  Gold Hook.png Gold Hook + 1  Gold Setting.png Gold Setting
Platinum Earring Platinum Earring 225-275 1  Platinum Hook.png Platinum Hook + 1  Platinum Setting.png Platinum Setting
Mithril Earring Mithril Earring 300-350 1  Mithril Hook.png Mithril Hook + 1  Mithril Setting.png Mithril Setting
Orichalcum Earring Orichalcum Earring 400 1  Orichalcum Hook.png Orichalcum Hook + 1  Orichalcum Setting.png Orichalcum Setting


Primary article: Ascended trinket

Ascended accessories are roughly 5% more powerful than their exotic equivalents. They cannot be crafted, but may be purchased and found as loot.


Legendary accessories share the same stat bonuses as Ascended accessories with the added bonus of stat-swapping. The only Legendary Accessories that exists in-game are Aurora and Vision.