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Menzies the Mad, the Lord of Destruction, is the half-brother of the God of War and Fire, Balthazar. He commands the Shadow Army and has fought the Eternal Battle against Balthazar's Eternals in the Fissure of Woe for centuries. Unlike Balthazar who has been associated with honor and valor, Menzies has been described as deceptive and destructive.


Early years[edit]

Menzies the Mad[1] is the half-brother of the God of War and Fire, Balthazar, and is called the Lord of Destruction.[2] It is unclear whether they shared the same father or mother. The half-brothers became rivals at some point, and Menzies commanded the Shadow Army against Balthazar's Eternals in a neverending, centuries-spanning conflict which became known as the Eternal Battle in Balthazar's realm of the Fissure of Woe. In some correspondences Menzies was referred to as "the traitor."[3] The origins of the Shadow Army are unclear; they have been speculated to be living shadows, souls of the dead who have been cursed to fight in the Eternal Battle, or magical constructs created out of nightmares. Whatever their origins, they are compelled to attack anything they sense Balthazar's presence in.[4][5] The Forest of the Wailing Lord chose to remain neutral in the conflict between Balthazar and Menzies, allowing both armies to harvest the forest to fuel their war efforts.[6]

Conflicts in the Mists[edit]

At some point, Menzies allied with the fallen god Abaddon and the former god Dhuum in a triumvirate. As part of his pact with Abaddon and Dhuum, Menzies sent three of his Darknesses from the Shadow Army to lead a force of Dhuum's followers and Abaddon's demons in an attack on the Hall of Heroes through the portal from the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in 1072 AE.[7][8][9] When Abaddon attempted to break free from his prison and caused Nightfall in 1075 AE, Menzies lent some of his Shadow Army to the fallen god's cause, stationing them in the Ravenheart Gloom on the edge of the Realm of Torment.[10]

The Shadow Army was able to take over the Temple of War, located in the heart of the Fissure of Woe, when Menzies successfully swayed Lord Khobay to betray the Eternals.[11] At the same time, Menzies had his shadow overlords enslave souls and send the slaves to the Burning Forest to fetch foul materials which the shadow smiths would then use to forge weapons for the Shadow Army.[12] A priest of Menzies was sent to unleash dark sorcery from unholy texts so the battle would turn in Menzies's favor.[13] Despite these initial successes, the Shadow Army lost their hold when a group of mortal heroes assisted the Eternals in retaking the temple, hunting down Khobay's unit of treacherous temple guards, slaying the shadow overlords to free Menzies's slave labor, and stealing the unholy texts so their magical power could not be used against the Eternals. Upon learning that Menzies's forces had used potent miasma to taint the pure fires of the Temple of War's forge to corrupt any armor or weapons created within, the heroes sought the seeds of corruption and destroyed them to restore the tainted temple.[14]

Menzies was never seen on the front lines during these conflicts, content in remaining in the shadows. After Abaddon's demise and Kormir's ascension, the Shadow Army began fighting alongside one of Abaddon's strongest Margonite followers, Mallyx the Unyielding, in desperation.[10] The Shadow Army appeared to weaken after mortals slew Mallyx as well.

Interim years[edit]

As the Elder Dragons began awakening and spreading destruction throughout Tyria, Balthazar craved for action and was more than willing to accept the challenge of facing the Elder Dragons in combat in order to add their power into his own. The God of War had been more or less idle since the Exodus of the Gods, suggesting that he had either defeated Menzies to shift his focus to the next challenge that the Elder Dragons posed in the years since Kormir's ascension, or Menzies had eluded his wrath and not given him enough of a fight.[15]

Path of Fire[edit]

At an unknown point in time following Kormir's ascension, the status of the Eternal Battle had shifted to seemingly make the Shadow Army less of a threat.[3] However, even after Balthazar had been stripped of his divinity and he had turned many of his Eternals into the Forged to focus on battling the Elder Dragons instead, the Shadow Army continued to roam the Fissure of Woe seeking their enemy. Some Inquisitive Djinn speculated that Balthazar's ousting might have allowed Menzies to take control of the Fissure of Woe, suggesting that the Lord of Destruction might actually still be alive. The fate of Menzies remains presently unknown.

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

At at unknown point in time, the Shadow Army attempted to invade Tyria and faced resistance from the dwarven wizard Lyhr and the Astral Ward who pushed them back. During the clash Lyhr demanded to know if the Shadow Army's master or someone else had sent them to assault Tyria but received no answer.[16]


  • Menzies (pronounced Mingus; rhymes with "thing is") is the name of a Highland Scottish clan. It is debated within the community and among ArenaNet developers whether the pronunciation applies to Balthazar's half-brother as well.[17]

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