Sanguinary Blade

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Sanguinary Blade

Feel the cut of this sacred blade, brother. May Jormag's strength fill you!

Steag Frostbeard in Bad Blood

The Sanguinary Blade, also called the Dragon's Blood blade, is a legendary sword made from the frozen blood of the Elder Dragon Jormag. Those cut by the blade are transformed into unique Icebrood; the wielder is also slowly turned mad by the corrupted powers of the sword, eventually turning into an Icebrood themselves.


The Sanguinary Blade was forged from the Elder Dragon Jormag's frozen blood in the distant past. Dwarves eventually made an enchanted scabbard to contain the sword's corruptive power. When the xenophobic Stone Summit faction rose to oppose the more peaceful Deldrimor faction of dwarves in a brutal civil war circa 1072 AE, several dwarven artifacts changed hands, and many of them ended up in the Stone Summit's royal vault, including the sword's enchanted scabbard.

The weapon itself was lost when the Stone Summit vanished, but resurfaced in 1325 AE when dredge recovered it from a tomb unearthed by their mining and local earthquakes. Unable to shatter the sword, the dredge brought it to the tomb of Dagnar Stonepate to find a means to destroy it. However, they were ambushed by the Sons of Svanir led by Steag Frostbeard who stole the weapon from them. Steag intended to use the Sanguinary Blade to assault Lion's Arch with an army of Icebrood made by the sword.

Magister Sieran of the Durmand Priory and a Novice under her care learned about Steag's plans and realized the threat posed by the Sanguinary Blade after witnessing Steag turning one of his allies, Havram Girthbinder, into an Icebrood with its power during the initial confrontation. The scholars resolved to research ways to suppress the blade's corruptive power before facing Steag again, and they opted to either locate the sword's original dwarven-made sheath or create a modified containment scabbard around the weapon.

The original sheath lay within the submerged ruins of the Stone Summit's royal vault in False Lake. The containment scabbard, meanwhile, was created via combining shavings from the enchanted statue of Grenth in Reaper's Gate with a modified jadite rune of holding which was woven onto a shadow shard; while sheathed into this modified scabbard, the Sanguinary Blade would be off the Tyrian plane of existence and would thus not be able to corrupt anything until the sword was drawn out again.

Having taken the necessary precautions, Sieran and the Novice tracked down and killed Steag who, in his lust for power, had begun attacking his fellow Sons of Svanir to forcibly turn them into Icebrood. After recovering and sheathing the Sanguinary Blade, the pair delivered the weapon to the Durmand Priory where it was locked within the vaults so no one could abuse its power again.

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  • It is unclear why only the sword is sealed in the tomb and its scabbard was missing, since the sword is causing corruption without it.