Sanguinary Blade

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Sanguinary Blade

The Sanguinary Blade, also called the Dragon's Blood blade, is a legendary sword made from the frozen blood of Jormag. Those cut by the blade are transformed into unique Icebrood; the wielder is also slowly turned mad by the corrupted powers of the sword, eventually turning into an Icebrood themselves.

The weapon was lost when the Stone Summit dwarves vanished, but resurfaced in 1325 AE, when dredge recovered it from a tomb unearthed by their mining and local quakes. They brought it to the tomb of Dagnar Stonepate, where the Sons of Svanir led by Steag Frostbeard stole it from the dredge. Steag intended to use the Sanguinary Blade to assault Lion's Arch with an army of Icebrood made by the sword. Magister Sieran of the Durmand Priory prevented this with a Novice under her care, killing Steag and retrieving the Sanguinary Blade and locking it within their vaults.

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