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The Giganticus Lupicus was once the Temple's Guard of The Grand Temple of the Pantheon in the City of Arah, but is now just another servant of Zhaitan without a cause after the defeat of its Elder Dragon master.

In life, it was one of the Great Giants, a race whose extinction is thought to predate the arrival of the Gods on Tyria by thousands of years. As such, it is unknown how it came to be a Temple Guard in service of the Gods, or how it was affected by the Exodus of the Gods, the Cataclysm, or the Rising of Orr (saving that the latter ended in this creature's reanimation). It is also possible that the creature did not come from Orr originally, but was commanded there by Zhaitan post-reanimation to protect the Dragon's greatest secrets, but this still leaves the mystery of where it was from, and how Zhaitan obtained its corpse.


Ruins of Orr

Combat abilities[edit]

For a specific phase, please click on one of the following: Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

All phases[edit]

  • Summons Insects
  • Shadow Walk
  • Drains Life

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

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  • The giant uses different attacks in three different phases; when switching from phase to another, it briefly becomes determined.

Phase 1 Lane 1.png[edit]

  • Summon Grub - curses one player, who will be Knockdown.png knocked down after a few seconds, while a Risen Grub spawns. Lupicus will attempt to consume to grub to Plaguelands.png empower itself, greatly increasing its damage and armor.
  • Summons Insects Summons Insects - summons several Locust Swarms [verification requested] which attack players, dealing moderate damage and causing Bleeding.png Bleeding.
  • Mighty Kick - short-range heavy damage kick that Knockback.png knocks back. Because Lupicus remains mostly stationary and does not chase, he will do this attack only when players move into melee range (<250 range).

Phase 2 Lane 2.png[edit]

This phase occurs at 75% HP. The giant will stop summoning grubs and insects and will start attacking players more directly. While transitioning into phase two, he will infect the closest ally with a grub which is unavoidable.

  • Lupine Blast - shadow walks to a targeted player, charging towards them and dealing heavy damage and Knockdown.png knocking down in a moderately large area when it reaches the targeted player. Evades all attacks while casting this ability.
  • Necrid Bolt - casts a powerful projectile at a single target, exploding on contact to cause Poisoned.png Poisoned and moderate damage.
  • Necrid Barrage - casts a rain of projectiles, covering much of the arena with area of effect circles; projectiles explode upon hitting the ground, doing damage in an area. These projectiles fly outwards and can be reflected.
  • Melee claw attack - kicks players in mele range with its right claw, doing massive damage, Knockback.png Knockback, and three stacks of Bleeding.png Bleeding.

Phase 3 Lane 3.png[edit]

During the final phase, the giant will switch from heavy-hitting "spread" attacks to more specialized life stealing attacks.

  • Life Drain Life Drain - points at a player and drains their health. Ticks 4 times, can be avoided with a double dodge.
  • Necrid Bolt - casts a powerful projectile at a single target, exploding on contact to cause Poisoned.png Poisoned and moderate damage.
  • Necrid Trap Necrid Trap - casts a ward dome spell which traps players within, draining a large amount of their health with each pulse for 5 seconds. The wall of the dome Knockback.png knocks back players.
  • Frenzied Blast - casts a rain of projectiles in a small AoE in front of it. Can be reflected. Will not cast if players are too close to him.
  • Life Drink - levitates and drains health from every unit in an ~800 range PBAoE every second. Knockback.png Knockback (~300 range) at the end of the cast.
  • Lupine Death - Upon defeat, Lupicus will fall, causing a moderate amount of damage to any players nearby.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Bag of Jewels.png Bag of Wondrous Goods Container Masterwork 1
Gilded Strongbox.png Gilded Coffer Container Exotic 1
Amulet of the Dead.png Amulet of the Dead Amulet Rare 1
Spineguard.png Risen Spineguard Back item Masterwork 1


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  • The giganticus lupicus resembles a jackal, which, with the creature being a temple guard, is reminiscent of some cultural depictions of Anubis.