Jormag Defense Guide

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Jormag Defense Guide is a Rare Collections achievement that requires the player to unlock all of the skins from the Corrupted weapons set and three additional themed items. It is unlocked in the collections tab upon consuming a Jormag's Claw Fragment.


Jormag Defense Guide Rare Collections 10Achievement points
Unlock all of the corrupted weapons in your wardrobe, and collect various Jormag related items.
Unlock Item:Orrian Artifact Shards.png Jormag's Claw Fragment
Reward:Honor of the Waves Weapons Box.png Jormag Defender's Kit
Unlocked Jormag's Claw Fragment 2Achievement points
Unlocked 11 Ice-Touched Items 3Achievement points
Unlocked 23 Ice-Touched Items 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item TP buy price TP sell price
Corrupted Artifact.png Corrupted Artifact
Corrupted Avenger.png Corrupted Avenger
Corrupted Blade.png Corrupted Blade
Corrupted Blaster.png Corrupted Blaster
Corrupted Branch.png Corrupted Branch
Corrupted Bulwark.png Corrupted Bulwark
Corrupted Cudgel.png Corrupted Cudgel
Corrupted Greatbow.png Corrupted Greatbow
Corrupted Harbinger.png Corrupted Harbinger
Corrupted Blaster.png Corrupted Harpoon Gun
Corrupted Revolver.png Corrupted Revolver
Corrupted Scepter.png Corrupted Scepter
Corrupted Shard (weapon).png Corrupted Shard
Corrupted Short Bow.png Corrupted Short Bow
Corrupted Skeggox.png Corrupted Skeggox
Corrupted Sledgehammer.png Corrupted Sledgehammer
Corrupted Spear.png Corrupted Spear
Corrupted Branch.png Corrupted Trident
Corrupted Wartorch.png Corrupted Wartorch
Durmand Priory Field Guide to Jormag.png Durmand Priory Field Guide to Jormag
Jormag's Breath.png Jormag's Breath
Orrian Artifact Shards.png Jormag's Claw Fragment
Jormag's Needle.png Jormag's Needle