Steag Frostbeard

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Feel the cut of this sacred blade, brother. May Jormag's strength fill you!

Steag Frostbeard

Steag Frostbeard is an infamous Son of Svanir leader. He and his gang tracked down and killed a group of dredge who had recently recovered the Sanguinary Blade from Dagnar Stonepate's tomb. With the sword in-hand, Steag intended to lead an assault on Lion's Arch to show the world Dragon's power, and from his feats receive blessings from Dragon as a reward. However, while preparing for the assault at Black Barl's Mill, the corruption of the sword drove Steag to madness and he began attacking his own men. Confronted by Magister Sieran and a Durmand Priory Novice, he cut himself in battle in an attempt to gain more power. However, he was ultimately killed by the two Priory members who retrieved the sword.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Upon reaching 25% health as a norn, regains all health and changes model to an icebrood.
  • Slash - Basic melee attack, strikes twice.
  • Frostwind Attack - Spinning leap that leaves behind ice, damages every 1s, explodes after 3s, causes Bleeding.png Bleeding 5s.
  • Bleeding - Slams sword into the ground to send out five shockwave attacks, each dealing light damage.
Stolen skills