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Rising Flames (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see Rising Flames.

Rising Flames is an achievement category for achievements earned during the Rising Flames story and within Ember Bay.

Rising Flames.png
Rising Flames (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 32 Heart of Thorns mastery point 142Achievement points


  1. ^ Hungry Hal: For easy access to Hal the Hermit, complete the heart at Osprey Aeries and speak with Ringmaster Ivy for a nearby teleport. Glide to the northwest.
  2. ^ Skrilla's Benefactor: Only the A gold for a good cause. dialogue option progresses the achievement.
  3. ^ Walking on Fire: Qualification for this achievement can be tracked via the Qualify for the Floor Is Lava effect. The tunnel begins southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Crumbling Trail Waypoint in the pool of lava where Vermignus spawns. You can touch the lava as long as you don't die. The Skyscale trivializes this achievement.
  • The Patron used to be in the Rising Flames Story Journal achievement category, but still contributes towards the meta achievement.