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Cultural Attaché

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The Precocious Aurene instance after completing the Cultural Attaché achievement.

Cultural Attaché is an A Crack in the Ice collection achievement.


Cultural Attaché A Crack in the Ice 5Achievement points
Bring Aurene souvenirs from around Tyria to teach her about the cultures of the world.Required Instance: Precocious Aurene
Prerequisite: Precocious Aurene

Watchknight Statue — Hint: The queen of Kryta called for a ceremony that attracted many unexpected guests.
Small Charr Car — Hint: The charr have many Weapons but perhaps the only Weapon they need is the genius of their automobile engineering.
Souvenir Eir Statue — Hint: The sacrifices of the norn's greatest heroes spills out of their Steadings giving Karma to us all.
Model Asura Gates — Hint: The pride of the Arcane Council must be the height of the asuran technologies; those precious gates of thiers.
Sylvari Potted Plant — Hint: Those sylvari following the Maker's Path might look out from the terrace and find that what brings them the most Karma is that of creating life from dirt and sun.
Caged Orrian Chicken — Hint: Only an Ornithologist of questionable sanity would study a risen chicken.
Model Zephyr Sanctum — Hint: When dusk fell upon the Zephyrites and the last gleam of moonglow lit their way, only prosperity could save them.
Collected 7 Souvenirs 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]


Item Vendor Area Zone Cost
Mini Watchknight.png Watchknight Statue Merchant (District Promenade) Merchant District Promenade Divinity's Reach 7,000 Karma.png
Mini Charr Car.png Small Charr Car Quell Quell Mustering Ground Black Citadel Gold coin
Mini Eir Stegalkin.png Souvenir Eir Statue Uktur Uktur Frost Basin Hoelbrak 7,000 Karma.png
Maintenance Oil Station.png Model Asura Gates Squik Squik Creator's Commons Rata Sum Gold coin
Alpine Lily (trophy).png Sylvari Potted Plant Leanna Leanna Maker's Terrace The Grove 7,000 Karma.png
Mini Orrian Baby Chicken.png Caged Orrian Chicken Agent Livilla Agent Livilla Karst Plains Malchor's Leap Gold coin
Zephyr Sanctum Model.png Model Zephyr Sanctum Dusk (NPC) Dusk (Tier 1) Prospect Valley Dry Top 10 Geode.png
Zephyr Sanctum Model.png Model Zephyr Sanctum Gleam Gleam (Tier 1) Treadrock Uplands Dry Top 10 Geode.png
Zephyr Sanctum Model.png Model Zephyr Sanctum Moonglow Moonglow (Tier 1) Challenger Cliffs Dry Top 10 Geode.png
Zephyr Sanctum Model.png Model Zephyr Sanctum Kiena Kiena (Tier 1) Prospect Valley Dry Top 10 Geode.png