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The Battle for the Jade Sea

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The Battle for the Jade Sea

Dragon's End
Event type
Meta event
Total events
Preceded by
Talk back option tango.png Preparations

The Battle for the Jade Sea is a meta event that occurs in Dragon's End and culminates in the battle to subdue Soo-Won.

Events completed during the Preparations meta event increase the readiness level of a zone, with more allies and resources available during the battle at higher readiness levels. Each completed event also adds a stack of the Seraph Morale 10.png Dragon's End Contributor effect, which provides combat and experience benefits as well as additional rewards after the battle. If all zones have reached high readiness, all players gain Nourishment utility.png +5% Damage vs Dragonvoid until the map resets.


Escorting the fire teams[edit]

  • Fire team leaders are gathering at the Xunlai Jade Quarry gate to plan for their attack.
    Rendezvous at the Xunlai Jade quarry in: 1:00
  • Fire teams are heading south to prepare for the next phase of the attack before nightfall.
    Night falls in: 40:00
    Fire teams in position: 0/3

Breaking the barrier[edit]

  • Outbreaks of Void corruption have appeared throughout the southern half of Dragon's End. Cleanse them to allow Aurene to channel the magic into prismatic crystals before nightfall.
    Night falls in: xx:xx
    Void corruption outbreaks cleansed: 0/4
  • A large Void corruption outbreak has appeared north of the Harvest Temple. Cleanse it to allow Aurene to channel the magic into prismatic crystals before nightfall.
    Night falls in: xx:xx
    Void corruption outbreaks cleansed: 4/5
  • Aurene is at the Harvest Temple, preparing to attack Soo-Won's barrier.
    Night falls in: xx:xx
    Aurene attempts to attack in: 1:00
  • Troops are defending Aurene's prismatic crystals while she goes to help additional forces arrive before nightfall.
    Night falls in: xx:xx
  • Allied airships have entered the Jade Sea and are preparing to fire at Soo-Won's cocoon.

Final battle[edit]

Heroes standing ready: x
Soo-Won arrives in: 1:00
  • Allied troops are engaged in battle with Soo-Won.


  • Soo-Won's Void corruption has been cleansed -- for now -- and a way into her sanctuary to the southwest has been revealed. The Jade Sea is at peace.
    Map closes in: 15:00


If night falls before the map reaches the final battle
  • Allied troops could not break Soo-Won's barrier in time and are retreating to try again another day. Soo-Won's Void corruption continues to destroy the Jade Sea.
    Map closes in: 1:00
If the map reaches Soo-Won but fails to subdue her in time
  • Soo-Won has sacrificed part of herself to save Tyria -- for now -- allowing more time to cleanse herself of Void corruption.
    Map closes in: 1:00


Primary article: Defeat Soo-Won#Rewards



The map meta event consists of three separate fire teams, each with similar event chains. A minimum of 5 players around a fire team leader is needed to begin each assault. Players can meet up at Quarry Passage and use the Jade Tech Teleporters nearby to easily reach either the western or eastern fire teams. Players have 40 minutes to reach the Harvest Temple and break Soo-Won's protective barrier before nightfall. Successfully breaching the barrier leads to the final battle and resets the timer to 20 minutes.

This map meta event has a higher mechanical and damage check compared to most other map meta events. Reliable sources of Alacrity, Might, and Quickness are thus recommended to satisfy the damage check. Groups struggling with damage can compensate by consistently breaking all Defiance Bars. Although not required, good organization and communication will improve the map's chances of success. The following skills and effects are easy-to-access and can significantly contribute to the mechanical and damage check:

Skill/Effect Acquisition Notes
Electromagical Pulse (skill).png Electromagical Pulse United Legions Waystation Players must have the Electromagical Pulse mastery and at least 25 War Supplies to obtain this
Easy-to-access skill for breaking Defiance bars (short cooldown with Alacrity)
Jade Tech Offensive Overcharge.png Jade Tech Offensive Overcharge
Jade Tech Defensive Overcharge.png Jade Tech Defensive Overcharge
Jade Tech Offensive Protocol
Jade Tech Defensive Protocol
Stack up to 3 h
Increased damage and survivability until effect expires
Temporary offensive and defensive boons upon entering combat
Seraph Morale 10.png Dragon's End Contributor Completing events during the Preparations meta event
Being present in the map when the following events are complete:
Reclaim the Speakers outpost from the Void
Defeat the Void saltspray dragon to clear the area for Aurene
Reclaim the Jade Brotherhood outpost from the Void
Quell the Branded Void corruption (Meta)
Use crystallized dragon magic to charge matching prismatic crystals
Combat-related bonuses double at max stacks (10)
Increased damage and health
Temporary offensive and defensive boons (additional types added per stack) upon entering and exiting combat
Nourishment utility.png Enhancement Obtaining high readiness level in all three zones during the Preparations meta event +5% Damage vs Dragonvoid
Reinforced Armor.png Reinforced Armor Anvil Lasts for 12h
Vitality and defense both increased by 5%
Nourishment utility.png Enhancement Utility consumables All utilities offer stat increases that add up and improve damage and survivability
Nourishment.png Nourishment Food consumables Ascended food can offer special effects, such as 10% damage reduction
All food offer stat increases that add up and improve damage and survivability

Veteran Void Thornhearts and Void Abominations will periodically spawn throughout the meta event. Both enemies can either knockdown or knockback players; however the Void Thornhearts are especially dangerous since they launch multiple, indestructible area-of-effect projectiles. It is imperative that the Thornhearts are prioritized and defeated quickly otherwise the mechanical and damage check becomes much harder. Players can apply Stability to avoid becoming disabled, but this may be unreliable if multiple stacks are lost in quick succession.

Escorting the fire teams[edit]

Players must assist each fire team with securing key locations around the Harvest Temple. The western and eastern fire teams should have about the same number of players. The event chain for the central fire team is much shorter and thus does not require much people. The central fire team can therefore split between the western and eastern teams once the observatory is successfully reclaimed. All players will receive a stack of Dragon's End Contributor for each fire team that completes their event chain. Each event chain follows the below structure (slightly different for the central fire team):

  • Escort the fire team to the outpost
  • Continue escorting the fire team to the outpost
    • Defend against the Void ambush
    • Defeat the Void-Corrupted Champion
  • Continue escorting the fire team to the outpost
    • Establish a foothold and lay siege to the outpost
    • Defeat the Champion Void Saltspray Dragon

Defeated Void enemies will drop Crystallized Dragon Magic, which players can cleanse by grabbing then throwing it towards Aurene's prismatic crystal. Players will slowly gain stacks of debuff and take damage while carrying the magic, downing at ten stacks.

The Defiance bar for the Champion Void Saltspray Dragon unlocks around 70% and 30% of its health (it can get animation-locked and delay the Defiance bar from unlocking). Failure to break the bar will unleash a point-blank shockwave that also disables players hit by it. Take care to avoid the whirlpools as they can down and defeat players very quickly.

Rubble and Void Shields are protecting the final outposts. Players can damage them either with  Remote Charge (skill).png Remote Charges from a United Legion Waystation, or mounting onto a Siege Turtle and using  Slam.png Slam (driver) or  Turtle Siege.png Turtle Siege (gunner). Each of these skills can be positioned to hit multiple targets at once. Ammo for Turtle Siege can be quickly recharged through turtle acceleration, using  Bond of Vigor.png Bond of Vigor, Slam with the Slam Mastery, or Hunker Down then taking multiple hits. Players using the Siege Turtle should focus on clearing a path and destroying the Void Shields. Additional NPC Siege Turtles will spawn near the outpost waypoint based on the readiness level for the southern zone during the preparation phase.

Once the Void Shield is down, the Void enemies within become vulnerable and must be defeated to destroy the Void Crystal protecting the Champion Void Saltspray Dragon. All three Void Crystals must be destroyed before the champion can be targeted.

Breaking the barrier[edit]

After the observatory and the western and eastern outposts have been captured, outbreaks of Void corruption will spawn across the map. For each event, players must collect the Purified Void Magic dropped by defeated enemies then defeat the Void Champion that emerges. Players on each side should split up for these events.

After defeating the final Void Champion, Aurene will begin to channel the crystals at the Harvest Temple Observatory to break the barrier surrounding the Harvest Temple. Void creatures will soon swarm the area and interrupt the process. Players must then recharge all five crystals using the Crystallized Magic dropped by the corresponding Elder Dragon minion. All crystals must be fully recharged within one minute of each other or all full crystals will lose a significant amount of magic. However, the timer for this is relatively lenient because each full crystal after the first will add an additional ten seconds.

The crystal filling process can be sped up by having a group of players standing on the edges of the upper platform. Players below should focus on defeating the Void enemies then grabbing and throwing the Crystallized Magic to the players above. Due to the greater distance between the crystal and enemy spawn area, the group recharging the Branded Crystal should instead form a line of players to throw the magic towards the crystal. Running the magic in is slower and more dangerous than throwing the magic to other players.

Once all five crystals have been recharged, the protective barrier around the Harvest Temple is removed and the meta event timer is reset. The fifth and final stack of Dragon's End Contributor from this map meta event is awarded. Players can then Zip Line to the top of the Harvest Temple for the final encounter.

Final battle[edit]

For an extensive walkthrough on the Soo-Won fight, see the Defeat Soo-Won page.

Related achievements[edit]

Event achievements[edit]

After successful completion[edit]

Specialization Collections

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


5 minutes before start
Captain Fa: Okay, get ready! We're about to march south and pick a fight with an Elder Dragon.
Captain Fa: Meet at the quarry. We'll set off so we can reach her before nightfall.
On meta start
Navan: Commander, you're needed at the jade quarry base camp, now. Soo-Won's arrived, right on time.
Gathering fire teams
Navan: Good to have you on board, Commander --
Captain Fa: What in the world are you talking about?
Captain Fa: Navan, I'm not working with the Jade Brotherhood. I'd rather dive headfirst into the Void!
Navan: We need help, so I'll seek out the Speakers in the east and --
Captain Fa: And I'll be dealing with Jade Brotherhood daggers in my back in the west.
Captain Fa: And worse, daggers made with our own stolen tech!
Navan: Don't worry, Fa, I'll protect you -- I even have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Captain Fa: Great.
Navan: They have supplies. Lots of them. We must reach out.
Caithe: Good, it seems we've come to an agreement.
Captain Fa: Wait, what?!
Caithe: I'll take the Crystal Bloom and MinSec south to Aurene. She's keeping an eye on Soo-Won at the Harvest Temple.
Captain Fa: Aurene's here? Maybe this time will be different.
Caithe: It may not be enough, so I've informed Logan and others of our plan. They're en route.
After a fire team secures its objective
(if East) Navan: How are we all looking?
(if Central) Caithe: How are we all looking?
(if West) Captain Fa: How are we all looking?
Fire team reports on status when not secure
Captain Fa: We're still clearing the base.
Navan: Same here at the Speaker camp.
Caithe: Hurry, we're exposed out here.
After all fire teams secure their objectives
Navan: Speaker camp is secure.
Captain Fa: So is the Jade Brotherhood base.
Caithe: And we've cleared the observatory. Aurene's here, and we can see the Harvest Temple.
Aurene: I'm going to focus my prismatic energy at the barrier protecting Soo-Won.
Chul-Moo: Hold up! We've got Void popping up all around us.
Navan: Same here!
Caithe: It's like they're creating a blockade between all of us and the Harvest Temple.
Aurene: Careful. It's corrupted Elder Dragon magic that's been combined. We don't know its power.
Aurene: Champion, as you cleansed the previous outbreaks, I felt the magic as it was released.
Aurene: Maybe I could absorb it from these new Void outbreaks.
Caithe: But if the power of the magic is unknown, what could it do to you?
Aurene: A good question. But I know one thing... I'm going to use every bit of it to break through the barrier covering Soo-Won.
Aurene: Go, now! Release the Elder Dragon magic.
If the regions aren't secured by the time night falls (event failure)
Aurene: It's too risky! We didn't secure all the regions, and the Void is already starting to flank us!
Navan: Right... Let's hurry.
Captain Fa: Quick, let's get back to the quarry and regroup before we're cut off.
Marjory Delaqua: Every time we kill one of these things, they just reform somewhere else! This is pointless!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: It's not pointless. It takes them time to reform and regroup.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Every minute we buy is a minute no one dies.
Marjory Delaqua: You're right. (heavy sigh)
If the Void corruption aren't cleared by the time night falls (event failure)
Kuunavang: We're just not ready! Void's weaving its way around us because we didn't clear it
Caithe: The only safe place is the quarry. We must get back there immediately!
After defending prismatic crystals
Logan Thackeray: I brought some friends.
Canach: Miss me, Commander? Just show us what to kill.
Captain Fa: We've got a massive barrier to break through. And on the other side... Soo-Won.
Aurene: With the Void rapidly widening, we need to stop her now.
Logan Thackeray: My pleasure.
<Character name>: On my count. Three... two... one... FIRE!
Aurene: Stop! Don't kill her.
Captain Fa: We did it.
Aurene: But Soo-Won's in pain. Come, we must save her... from herself.
Aurene: Meet me at the temple.
Defeat Soo-Won
Primary article: Defeat Soo-Won


  • Gliding Skills are available during Phase 3
  • Following a large number of complaints of bugs and difficulty in the meta, ArenaNet announced that there will be an additional method to unlock the Siege Turtle collection on March 15, 2022. [1]