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Disambig icon.png This article is about the manifestations of divine beings. For attribute combination, see Avatar (prefix).
The Judge, a servant of Grenth.

A physical manifestation of a god—a spirit, sent by the deity to grant blessings or speak with its priests.

Trahearne in Cathedral of Silence

The avatars are the highest followers of the Six Human Gods and other divine or divine-like beings.

Before the Six Human Gods went silent, avatars acted as the gods' messengers to mortals on Tyria. Now, however, they are rarely seen in the world, almost fully present in the gods' domains within The Mists. They are each very powerful, wielding magic in the same light as the god they serve. Many avatars appear spectral, and some may even be souls of dead individuals elevated into a special place in the afterlife. Sometimes, however, a mortal can be gifted a temporary boon to act as an avatar, such as through ancient artifacts like the Idol of Balthazar.

Avatars that belong to beings other than the Six Gods are just as uncommonly seen, but do not seem to be of as much uniqueness in appearance of nature, such as the Veteran Bear Spirit, Vision of Raven, or Veteran Spirit of Koda.

A being does not necessarily need be divine to produce an avatar, as Glint was capable of doing a similar manner in the form of the Vision of Glint. Though this seemed to be more of a projection of herself in other lands, rather than a separate individual.

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  • In Hinduism, an avatar is an earthly incarnation of a deity.

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