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I like to be close to water. It's...inspiring.


Navan is a Canthan advisor in the Imperial Court, serving Empress Ihn and the Empire of Cantha.


Early years[edit]

Despite her youthful looks, Navan had served in the Imperial Court of Cantha for decades as a close advisor to the Imperial Family since at least the reign of Empress Ihn's grandfather. As a result, she had earned prestige among Canthans and was often referred to as "esteemed Navan."[1] Aside from her mastery as a diplomat who could often speak on behalf of the throne to settle disputes, she was also a skilled elementalist if she needed to fight.

End of Dragons[edit]

Act I[edit]

Empress Ihn on her throne with Navan about to receive the Krytan delegation.

In 1845 CC (1335 AE), the Aetherblades suddenly appeared over Seitung Province to spread chaos with their air raids, followed by the arrival of the Elder Dragon Aurene and two Tyrian trespassers—the asura Gorrik and the Pact Commander—who had washed ashore amidst Aetherblade airship wreckage. While the pair were detained for questioning in Seitung Prison, the Imperial Court began considering how to respond to the incident. Realizing the opportunity as a pivotal time for the empire, Empress Ihn's half-sister Yu Joon argued in favor of opening Cantha's borders to foreign visitors, eventually persuading Ihn and the court to her side.[2]

Ihn sent a message to Kryta informing the northern kingdom about Cantha reopening its borders and inviting Kryta to reestablish diplomatic relations. The empress also used the opportunity to inquire the Krytan throne about foreign airships appearing in Canthan skies as well as the arrival of a dragon and two foreigners on Seitung's shores. Queen Jennah sent a delegation headed by Ambassador Kasmeer Meade to enter negotiations with the Imperial Court and assure them that Kryta had nothing to do with the Aetherblade invasion. The delegation flew an airship to Cantha, getting past the Unchained Risen armada patrolling the Sea of Sorrows by cloaking themselves with Kasmeer's mesmer spell.[3]

Kasmeer was eventually invited to meet Ihn in the Royal Court and was accompanied by the asuran researcher Taimi and the Commander. The trio witnessed a heated exchange between Joon and Minister Li Ha-Eung about the Xunlai Jade corporation's latest jade mechs and if they were safe to use in front of the imperial throne. Navan observed Ihn taking her half-sister's side in the argument and reminding Li that Joon had been pivotal for Cantha's progress and had earned the empress's trust. However, Ihn also made sure to remind Joon of her place in the hierarchy.

Navan announced the arrival of the Krytan delegates, and Ihn began with courtly etiquette wishing Queen Jennah well although she was also quick to point out the problem the Aetherblades posed to Cantha while wondering if Kryta was involved in the incident in any way. Minister Li interrupted the exchange, trying to sway the empress to see his point of view that Tyrians could not be trusted and had ulterior motives for visiting Cantha. Ihn took Joon's suggestion to have Joon and Li continue their debate in an adjacent chamber in private so the empress's conversation with the delegates could proceed without further interruptions.

Kasmeer formally introduced one of the former prisoners of Seitung in her company as the Commander, making Ihn inquire more about the title until the imperial advisor Navan informed the empress of the Commander's relation to the Pact which Ihn had heard about. The empress accepted Kasmeer's proposal that the Tyrian delegation would repay the Imperial Court's mercy by handling the Aetherblade threat for them with the Ministry of Security's help, and told the delegates to speak to Minister Li about the details of this collaboration. Having said her piece, Ihn concluded the meeting and retired to her chamber with Navan.

Act II[edit]

After the Commander's party had caught Captain Mai Trin, the Aetherblades' deposed leader, Kasmeer informed the Imperial Court about it. While discussing the next steps with Navan at Daigo Ward, Navan expressed concern whether it was wise for the Tyrians to accept Mai Trin's help to stop the Aetherblades given her past crimes. When Kasmeer asked Navan whether Joon could be trusted after the party had learned about her past dealings with the Aetherblades, Navan admitted that their relationship was troubling and Joon would have to answer for it eventually. However, Navan was quick to add that the empress trusted Joon and that the latter was no traitor.

When the Commander arrived to chat with the pair, Navan pointed out how the Commander's determination to keep a high morale even while failing continuously intrigued her. She also expressed the empress's gratitude towards the Commander and other Tyrians helping Cantha with the Aetherblade crisis. When the Commander offered to help Navan with her problems, Navan gently reminded the Commander to get their transit documents first although she apprciated the gesture and suggested that she might require the Commander's assistance later. Despite her busy schedule, she answered the Commander's inquiries about other threats plaguing Shing Jea Island: ghost hauntings, naga raids, and Purists. During these talks Navan admitted that the naga were justified in their hatred towards humans who had broken their word and hurt them time and time again.

After securing the documents, the Commander returned to the pair to inquire about the next ship to sail to New Kaineng City where the investigation for Aetherblades would continue. Due to booking taking months, Navan suggested that the Commander's best bet would be to acquire their own skiff although she teasingly suggested that the Commander could just ride Aurene to the city if they were in a hurry. After the Commander had acquired a skiff, Navan asked to accompany them to the city, citing last-minute business that required her immediate presence. As the two traveled to the city, Navan remarked enjoying being close to water and inquired about what kind of a personality Aurene had. When the Commander described Aurene as acting a lot like a mortal with feelings of happiness, sadness, loneliness and kinship and bearing the weight of the world, Navan pointed out that the Elder Dragon and the Commander sounded very alike.[4] If the Commander dropped Navan in water during their skiff ride, she half-jokingly commented on it although she was clearly not pleased by getting her clothes wet. Once the pair had arrived in the city, Navan met up with her Ministry escorts and bid the Commander and the rest of the party farewell as she hurried to her next destination.

Act III[edit]

Navan performs a ritualistic dance in Arborstone.

Having escaped from the Yong Reactor which had been destroyed in the aftermath of the Elder Dragon Soo-Won's escape, the Commander separated from the rest of their companions to evade capture after Joon believed them to have been responsible for the destruction and the Elder Dragon's release. The news soon reached the Imperial Court, and Kasmeer did her best to convince the government that the Commander was not responsible for the incident although many ministers and nobles disagreed with her. Navan discreetly sent a letter to the Commander in which she said to speak on behalf of Empress Ihn and urged the Commander to meet her at Nika's Blade restaurant for further discussions. Upon reaching the restaurant, however, she met with Detective Rama who had learned of the meeting and had arrived to arrest the Commander for questioning. Navan used her diplomatic skills to convince him to listen to the Commander first. To calm everyone down, Navan suggested all three of them order food while discussing their options.

Although Rama initially remained skeptical about the Commander's story, he was willing to listen to Navan before deciding on a course of action. Before they could proceed, however, Captain Fa of Xunlai Jade Security found them and ordered the Commander to accompany him to Joon. The captain remained respectful of Navan but explained that he had to carry his orders. Navan tried to ask Rama to make Fa stand down, but Rama explained that they were not colleagues and he had no jurisdiction to issue official orders to the captain. When the Commander asked the pair how to proceed, Navan suggested that the Commander try the diplomatic approach and appeal to Fa's rational side so they did not have to resort to violence. Regardless of which option the Commander chose, the trio were able to escape from Fa.

As they left the restaurant and Rama decided to join their on their investigation for the time being, Navan handed the Commander a jade tech device which she had borrowed from the Ministry of Intelligence and which would allow the Commander to disguise their face and thus elude pursue from both Xunlai Jade and the Ministry of Security. Navan suggested they retreat to a historic refuge known as Arborstone where they would be safe from prying eyes. They were joined by the Commander's allies Gorrik and Marjory Delaqua and investigated Arborstone together when they were suddenly ambushed by shadowy creatures. Navan expected to find other travelers seeking refuge in Arborstone, as well as a guardian named Ishan who had looked after refugees, but instead all the party found were bodies and unsettling magical phenomena breaking the rules of reality.

They soon found Ishan who turned out to be a saltspray dragon but shadowy like the creatures they had fought earlier. Navan summoned wards of protection to keep the ruins safe from further incursion of shadowy creatures while the party battled Ishan, eventually felling him and dispersing the anomalies. Navan mourned her lost friend and explained that Ishan had been consumed by the same shadowy power that would take Soo-Won, and then all of Tyria: the Void, a force that had emerged from the broken Elder Dragon cycle to unwind reality one thread at a time. Both Rama and the Commander were surprised by Navan's knowledge about the Elder Dragons and asked how she knew about it and who she really was when humans had generally been ignorant of deeper Elder Dragon mysteries until recently. Relenting, Navan admitted that the party deserved the truth; Soo-Won had told her that she could trust trust them, but Navan had wanted to be sure before revealing more.[5]

After claiming Arborstone[edit]

Story involvement[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

The Battle for the Jade Sea
Red Shield.png [Group Event] Escort Navan and her troops to the Speakers outpost (80)
Invasion (map icon).png [Group Event] Quell the Void corruption (80)
Red Shield.png [Group Event] Defend the hatchery from the Void ambush (80)
Event flag red.png [Group Event] Reclaim the Speakers outpost from the Void (80)
Event collect2 red (map icon).png [Group Event] Use crystallized dragon magic to charge matching prismatic crystals (80)
Red Boss.png [Group Event] Defeat Soo-Won (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Fireball Fireball - Cast a fireball that explodes on impact and hits multiple foes.
  • Water Blast Water Blast - Spray a jet of water at your foe that splashes to heal nearby allies.
  • Chain Lightning Chain Lightning - Hit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning.
  • Stoning Stoning - Hurl a rock and weaken your foe.


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    Joon: I see the opportunity. [...]
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    Marjory Delaqua: Imagine Jennah's face. Imagine everyone's face.
    Lady Kasmeer Meade: When it got to the part about a <character race>, an asura, and a dragon, we put two and two together with Taimi and Caithe.
    Marjory Delaqua: Next thing you know, "Ambassador Meade" has a new portfolio, and an airship to take her and a delegation to Cantha.
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    <Character name>: I'm not finished yet. Once we get to New Kaineng, we'll deal with the Aetherblades.
    Navan: We have every faith in you. Now, please excuse my brevity, but there are matters here that demand my attention.
    <Character name>: Anything I can help with?
    Navan: I'd focus on getting your transit documents first.
    Navan: Though should you later have a spare moment, perhaps I'll avail myself of your generosity. [...]
    Navan: Ah, Commander. Last-minute business in Kaineng, and as we said...transports are booked months in advance. [...]
    <Character name>: Are you comfortable, Navan?
    Navan: Very comfortable. I like to be close to the water. It's...inspiring.
    Navan: You friend, the Elder Dragon...what is she like?
    Navan: Wise and timeless? Filled with sage advice and deep thoughts?
    <Character name>: Aurene? Hmm. She's more like us than you might expect.
    <Character name>: She feels happiness, and sadness. She feels loneliness, and kinship.
    <Character name>: Though it's true that she's always trying to bear the weight of the whole world.
    Navan: Sounds a lot like you, Commander.
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    Detective Rama: He's not my colleague—he's a gussied-up rent-a-cop. Go back to Xunlai, "Captain" Fa, the real police are on the case. [...]
    Navan: I borrowed something from the Ministry of Intelligence for you, Commander.
    Navan: It will disguise your face, but nothing else.
    Detective Rama: MinTel gets all the best toys.
    Navan: I know somewhere you can use as a base of operations, a historic refuge. It's just east of here, in the Echovald Forest.
    Navan: The detective and I will go first, to clear any potential roadblocks. You, Commander, will meet us at the city gates. [...]
    Navan: Ishan was consumed by the same power that will take Soo-Won, and then all of Tyria: the Void.
    <Character name>: The Void?
    Navan: The force that emerged from the broken dragon-cycle. Which, if not stopped, will unwind reality one thread at a time.
    Detective Rama: Care to tell us how it is you know all this? And what was the magic you used? Never seen anything like it.
    <Character name>: I have—when Aurene shielded me against Balthazar's fire. Who are you, really?
    Navan: You deserve the truth. Soo-Won said I could trust you, but I had to be sure.