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Historical and discontinued merchandise can be found here. Some sellers may still offer them, but they are no longer produced.

Collector's Edition[edit]

The Collector's Edition included the game, in-game items and physical items as well. It was available from the official online store.

Official Strategy Guide[edit]

The BradyGames Official Guild Wars 2 Digital Strategy Guide was available from the official online store. It contains maps, an analysis of the playable professions, a crafting guide, bestiary, and more.

Official Peripherals[edit]

A headset, keyboard, computer mouse, and three different mousepads with Guild Wars 2 designs were available from SteelSeries.

PC Cases[edit]

Six different PC case panels featuring the playable races of Guild Wars 2, or the official logo were available from Antec.

TOPOP Statues[edit]

Statues of Rytlock, the Shatterer, and Zojja with a golem were available from TOPOP.

Wall Graphics[edit]

Wall posters featuring Guild Wars 2 concept art were available through LTL Prints.

Trading Cards[edit]

Guild Wars 2 trading cards were introduced at gamescom 2010 in Cologne. After each public live demo of Guild Wars 2 visitors could get two random cards. There are 25 different cards in 5 sets (one for each race), and if players got a full set by the end of the day they could show them to the employees to take part on a lottery for computer hardware.

Guild Wars 2 2011 Calendar[edit]

The Guild Wars 2 2011 Wall Calendar is a 24-page calendar featuring concept art from GW2.



Pins and stickers[edit]

Posters and prints[edit]


For Fans By Fans[edit]


Unisex pullovers[edit]


Flaps only include a flap for the welovefine bag, they don't include a bag.