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Experience Experience.png (also exp and XP) is rewarded for performing and completing different objectives in game. As you gain experience you gain levels, increasing your basic abilities. After level 80, experience is put towards available Mastery tracks. If no tracks are available or selected, leveling past 80 will award 1 Spirit Shard.

Gaining experience[edit]

Experience is awarded for completing different actions in the game. These activities are:

Open world[edit]

Instanced content[edit]


Experience modifiers[edit]

There are several ways to increase the amount of experience earned, with different boosters affecting different types of experience gain.

All = all standard experience sources (events, kills, gathering, etc.) with the exception of experience consumables and services;
Kills = experience from creature kills only;
WXP = World Experience

Effect Source Bonus experience All Kill WXP Notes
Black Lion Booster.png Black Lion Boost Black Lion Booster 50% 0No 1Yes 0No Available from Black Lion Chests
Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% Experience Bonus Experience Booster (fine)
Communal Boost Bonfire
Kite Fortune
Enchanted Reward Boost
50% 0No 1Yes 0No Not available for purchase anymore, except for the Enchanted Reward Boost
Killstreak Experience Booster (effect).png Killstreak Experience Booster Killstreak Experience Booster
Enchanted Reward Boost
0-100% 0No 1Yes Requires killing foes to gain stacks of Active Kill Streak!
The Active Kill Streak! effect does not stack with the Active Kill Streak! of the Experience Booster (see notes)
Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png Experience Booster
Active Kill Streak!.png Active Kill Streak!
Experience Booster
Experience Booster (masterwork)
Heroic Booster
Candy Corn Gobbler
50-150% 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 50% is the default bonus experience, the remaining 100% requires killing foes to gain stacks of Active Kill Streak!
The Active Kill Streak! effect does not stack with the Active Kill Streak! of the Killstreak Experience Booster (see notes)
Celebration Bonus.png Celebration Bonus Birthday Booster
Celebration Booster
100% 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Winter's Blessing.png Winter's Blessing Winter's Blessing
10% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Doesn't grant extra experience in WvW despite its tooltip description.
Nourishment food.png Nourishment Food consumables 10-15% 1Only Ascended feasts and specific food types 1Yes 1Only Ascended feasts Ascended feasts provide 5% all experience gained and 10% WXP gained
Nourishment utility.png Enhancement Utility consumables 10-15% 0No 1Yes 0No
Experience (thirty percent).png New Year's Gift Lunar New Year fireworks such as Lucky Draketail 5% 0No 1Yes
Miscellaneous effect.png Blessings of the New Year Lucky Firecracker 10% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Doesn't grant extra experience in WvW despite its tooltip description.
Dragon's Rage.png Festival Gobbler Boost Zhaitaffy Gobbler
Snowflake Gobbler
25% 0No 1Yes 1Only from kills
5 Exp Public Banner.png Guild Experience Bonus Guild Exp Banner 5% 0No 1Yes 0No Does not stack with other experience bonuses from guild banners
5 Exp Public Banner.png Guild Experience Banner Bonus Guild Karma and Experience Banner
Guild Heroes Banner
15% 0No 1Yes 0No Does not stack with other experience bonuses from guild banners
Zone-specific bonus
Miscellaneous effect.png Bloodstone Empowerment (effect) Bought from Natto 10%-30% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Only works in Bloodstone Fen
Miscellaneous effect.png Perseverance (Ember Bay) Completing Ember Bay renown hearts. 10%-50% 0No 1Yes 0No Only works in Ember Bay
Seraph Morale 10.png Seraph Morale Completing Lake Doric events 1%-10% 0No 1Yes 0No Only works in Lake Doric
Miscellaneous effect.png Draconis Mons Empowerment (effect) Bought from Supplymaster Hanjo 10%-30% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Only works in Draconis Mons
Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png Explorer's Respite Bonfire (Priory Historian Elisa) 5% 1Yes 0No Gained from standing near Priory Historian Elisa's bonfire after Event collect (tango icon).png Gather wood for the fire for an Experience boost (80) has been completed. Removed when you leave the instance.
Nourishment food.png Boon of the Wishing Well Wishing Well 3% 0No 1Yes 0No Chance to gain one stack when offering coins to the Wishing Well in the Domain of Vabbi, up to 5 stacks. Removed when you leave the instance.
Bloodstone Empowerment.png Empowerment Bought from Nalar, Ethall, Alaleh, Trader Hyacinth, Kynon and Mist Warden Quartermaster
Earned from the achievement In a Grain of Sand
10%-30% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Only works in Living World Season 4 maps
Time-specific bonus
Celebration Bonus.png Bonus Weekend Event Automatic 100% 1Excluding instances, dungeons and activities 1Yes 1Yes Experience earned in open world and World vs. World maps is doubled (excluding instances, dungeons, and activities).
Ace Racer.png Extra Life Bonus Automatic 3% 7 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2018 Extra Life event.
Ace Racer.png Extra Life Bonus Automatic 5% 1Yes 1Yes 0No 10 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Extra Life event.
Ace Racer.png Event Bonus Automatic 50% Given to all characters during the Welcome Back event.
Endless Gift Dolyak Tonic.png Guild XP Gain Guild bonus 3%-10% 1Yes 1Yes 0No
Experienced Infusion.png Experienced Enrichment Experienced Infusion 20% 0No 1Yes 0No Bonus active while equipped
XP Gain.png XP Gain Achievement rewards 3% per 2,500Achievement points 0No 1Yes 0No Permanent account bonus based on total achievement points earned
Miscellaneous effect.png Ancient Canthan Secret (effect) Purchased from Grand Master Kyren after completing Complete heart (map icon).png Monastery Training 10% 0No 1Yes 0No
Enlightenment.png Enlightenment Completing Complete heart (map icon).png Monastery Training 20% 1Yes 1Yes 0No
Well Rested.png A Little Well Rested Staying in the Arborstone for four hours with at least one level of Arborstone Revitalization mastery 5%-25% 1Yes 1Yes 0No Earn an additional 5% for each level of Arborstone Revitalization unlocked, up to a maximum of 25%. Player can receive the buff while logged out in Arborstone.
Total +495% This total does not include the account bonus, time-specific bonuses or zone-specific bonuses.

Retired consumables[edit]

Retired items that are not available anymore, can still be used to further increase the total amount of bonus experience if the player still has the item.

Effect Source Bonus experience Notes
Experience (thirty percent).png 30% Experience Bonus Laureate Experience Booster 30% Replaced with Experience Booster (masterwork)

Modifier notes[edit]

Leveling mechanics[edit]

World activities award a dynamic amount of experience to different players of different levels. The goal of this approach was to make gaining the experience required for each level take a similar amount of time, provided the player sticks to activities and areas appropriate for their level.[1]

For example, getting the "gold" participation reward for a dynamic event will award 7% of the XP required for reaching next level, which for a level 16 player completing a level 16 event gives 616 XP out of the 8,790 XP needed to reach level 17, and for a level 26 player completing a level 26 event it gives 1043 of the 14,900 XP needed to reach 27.

Experience gained is modified by the difference in the content level and your character level. This modifier begins with a base of 50% and scales linearly as the difficulty decreases. For example, a level 50 character completing a level 25 event will receive 52,500 * 0.07 * 0.75 = 2757 XP. This does mean a high level character will receive more experience for the same content as a low-level character, but the percentage of a level gained is higher for the lower level character. For example, a level 25 character completing the same event will receive 14,100 * 0.07 = 987 XP. While this is almost one third that of the level 50 character, it is 7% towards the next level compared to the 5.25% the level 50 receives.

Leveling table[edit]

Experience Graph Per Level

The following is the table of experience needed to level up.

Experience per activity[edit]

The following are percentages used for various activities. Area levels are not stated directly but can be determined by the creatures, hearts, and events in the area, or subtracting one from the player's dynamic level.

Effective leveling table for level 1-15[edit]

When calculating experience rewards for the first fifteen levels, the following table is used instead. This is due to changes made in the September 9, 2014 game update, where the total experience required to level up was reduced, but the rewards were kept as percentage of the previous experience required, such that the rate of leveling was accelerated. [verification requested]

After max level[edit]

As the maximum level is 80, gaining experience when at level 80 will not provide further levels.

If a mastery track is selected and incomplete, experience goes towards that. Once all mastery tracks for a region have been filled, or if the player hasn't unlocked masteries yet, gaining 254,000 experience will instead grant a Spirit Shard.

While the selected mastery track is full, experience goes to a hidden experience bar which will award spirit shards once the player has unlocked all the masteries.[2]