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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Living World Season 4.

You know nothing about me. Or my priesthood. The family you destroyed.


Zafirah, the Deadeye Priestess, is a priestess of Balthazar who is proficient with both a rifle and daggers. She intends to carry out her god's plan to kill the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik no matter what it may cost her.


Early years[edit]

Little is known of Zafirah's early years. The hilt of her rifle has the Hamaseen brand on it, however, suggesting that at one point she had potentially been a high-ranking member of the criminal group.[1] Zafirah eventually left her earlier life behind and joined the Church of Balthazar who gave her a family and a new purpose in the service of Balthazar, the God of Fire and War. She became a proficient deadeye who mastered the use of both a rifle and daggers.

Path of Fire[edit]

When Balthazar arrived in the Crystal Desert with his army of Forged and Zaishen Order in 1330 AE, he swayed the Elonian branch of the Church of Balthazar, including Zafirah, to accompany him on his mission to hunt down the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. Zafirah served the God of War faithfully only to eventually learn that her fellow acolytes perished in combat against the Pact Commander and other forces that opposed Balthazar's ambitions in the region.

After the Commander had prevailed and killed Balthazar in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, Zafirah appeared in the Free City of Amnoon which was celebrating the Commander's triumphant return. She was too afraid to tell people about her allegiance and that she remembered Balthazar differently. Instead, she quietly observed the Commander from the sidelines and chose to disappear into the crowd when the Commander got too close.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Zafirah faces the Pact Commander at Argon Garrison.

With her god slain and her fellow priests dead, Zafirah was filled with despair at her losses as she wandered alone before her despair turned into a need for revenge. She mourned the fallen for six days before she returned to the fight, intending to finish what Balthazar had begun by going after Kralkatorrik even if she had to do it herself.

In 1331 AE, Zafirah learned where Balthazar's missing greatsword had ended up in after the Battle of Kodash Bazaar. She ambushed the Durmand Priory team, who had been sent to retrieve the sword, before claiming the sword for herself and retreating into Argon Garrison in Jahai Bluffs where she was cornered by Vigil soldiers. Deciding to fight to the bitter end, she flooded ground level with poison gas, positioned herself in a tactically advantageous position on the roof and sniped anyone trying to get to her. Despite this, Zafirah did not kill any of her opposition, preferring to either injure them or let them pass out from the gas.[2]

Zafirah eventually came face to face with the Pact Commander who had arrived at the garrison in search of the greatsword. She recognized the Commander and, using voice amplification, began accusing the Commander for their actions while also letting the Commander know how much Balthazar and his priesthood had meant for her. A duel ensued during which Zafirah used both her rifles and daggers against the Commander, intending to avenge Balthazar's death by killing whom she deemed as his murderer.

Despite her best efforts, Zafirah was unable to defeat the Commander. Worn out, she ultimately resigned to her fate as she expected the Commander to kill her too. However, the Commander chose to spare her because she had appeared in a vision, and asked her to join the allied forces who intended to kill Kralkatorrik without disrupting the Elder Dragon's magic. Although Zafirah was confused by the Commander's actions, she decided to let the sword be taken and gave the Commander her name although she did not promise to join the Commander's side.

Shortly after the Commander had arrived in the allied forces' base of operations at Sun's Refuge, however, Zafirah appeared from the shadows and revealed that she intended to keep an eye on the Commander and the sword. Upon being introduced to the Commander's companions, she was quick to remind them all that she was not their friend. However, her initial hostility lessened when she witnessed the Commander using Rytlock Brimstone's help to relight the greatsword with Sohothin's flames.

As the sword began moving on its own following the ritual, Zafirah realized that the greatsword was looking for Balthazar whose presence it was sensing. She grew confused when the Commander explained that the sword was likely reacting to the dragon Aurene, who had previously visited the refuge, and that the sword was likely perceiving Balthazar through the dragon. Following the revelation, Zafirah learned that the Commander and Blish intended to take the greatsword to the Mists and attach a tracker on it while luring Kralkatorrik to eat is so they could keep track of the Elder Dragon's movements.

Zafirah stayed in the Sun's Refuge and was among the people welcoming the Commander back, only to learn that Blish had sacrificed himself to ensure that the tracker would continue functioning after Kralkatorrik had consumed it. She offered encouraging words to the mourning Commander and offered to tend a hearth for six days to honor Blish's passing, a gesture which the Commander accepted.

During her stay in the refuge, Zafirah perched herself atop the roof of one of the ruins within the cave, observing the allied combat training from her vantage point while wondering why she continued sensing Balthazar's presence despite the god's passing. Nearby Sunspear Cadets wondered whether she would train them someday although they hesitated in approaching her.[3]

Zafirah eventually followed the Commander's allies to Thunderhead Keep in order to prepare their forces to face Kralkatorrik. She was among the first to greet the Commander who arrived with the sylvari Caithe and Aurene. She was surprised to feel Balthazar's presence within Aurene upon meeting her, and the Commander left the priestess and the scion to get acquainted. While the Commander was out testing new weapons, Zafirah spoke with Pact Marshal Logan Thackeray before leaving the area, claiming that she had something important to do.

Unbeknownst to her allies, Zafirah traveled to find surviving human members of the Zaishen Order. She told the Zaishen about a prophecy revolving around Aurene replacing Kralkatorrik, and convinced them to return with her to aid the Commander in the fight against the Elder Dragon. They arrived in Thunderhead Keep just in time to join the fight against Kralkatorrik whose minions were threatening to overwhelm the Commander's forces. While the Zaishen joined the fray in the halls of the Auditorium below, Zafirah stayed on a nearby balcony to snipe the Branded and provide ranged support for the allied forces.

Although Kralkatorrik was wounded in the fight, it ultimately prevailed in killing Aurene and fleeing while Branding much of the Auditorium. Zafirah was found in the depths of the keep in shock after the Crystal Dragon's departure, unable to comprehend how the victory she had believed to be certain had turned into a devastating loss which had cost the life of Aurene, Tyria's hope for salvation, instead.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Long-Range Damage

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Dagger Storm
  • Dodging Strikes
  • Dual Slash
  • Fanged Leap
  • Heartseeker
  • Masterful Shot
  • Shadow Flare
  • Slash
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