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Mordant Crescent

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Already, some of the weaker members of the Sunspear order have succumbed to their fears and resigned themselves to Joko's rule. They call themselves the Mordant Crescent, and the threat they pose is as great as or greater than Joko himself. For, in them, the people see the ideals of the Sunspears cast down and made vulgar.

The Writings of the Last Spearmarshal

The Mordant Crescent is an elite military unit, originally formed from ex-members of the Order of the Sunspears who, in life or death, bowed to serve Palawa Joko. The group was formed during Joko's invasion and conquest of Elona. Despising any who was more famous than himself, Joko had grown to hate the Sunspears after Kormir's ascension to godhood and the Order's rise to fame.[1] In turn, he had set out to ensure that the Sunspears were broken, and had offered the Sunspears fortunes and prestige if they would join his cause. Those who did not accept willingly were enslaved as Awakened and ultimately forced to join anyway.

The Mordant Crescent has grown with new recruits, both from surviving Sunspears and elsewhere, and its members serve primarily to convert Elonians who have fled north to settle the Crystal Desert, as well as to hunt down the remnants of the Order of Sunspears who aid the refugees and defectors.[2] True enough to Joko's word, the Mordant Crescent is viewed above other Awakened or living forces, both honored and feared among Elonians.


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