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Interlude: Forward

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Interlude: Forward

1336 AE
End of Dragons
Interlude: Forward
Crystal Cave
(Seitung Province)
Preceded by
Full Circle
Followed by
Prologue: Uncertain Times

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Interlude: Forward is the nineteenth chapter and epilogue of the End of Dragons story and also the final story step of the Elder Dragon Saga.


Find out what Aurene wishes to discuss with you.
  • Meet Aurene in Seitung Harbor.
  • Speak with Aurene.
Farewell...for now.
  • Leave the area when you're ready.


  • Enter the instance and listen to Aurene speaking. Optionally, talk to Aurene and Caithe before leaving.


Forward End of Dragons: Interlude 1Achievement points
Journal: Forward Completed "Forward" 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Not Ready for Good-Bye End of Dragons: Interlude 1Achievement points
Spend time with Caithe and Aurene. Spend Time with Caithe and Aurene 1Achievement points
  • Go through all seven optional dialogues with Caithe and Aurene.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Sit with me a moment End of Dragons: Interlude 0Achievement points
Sit with Aurene. Sat for a Moment with Aurene 0Achievement points
  • Sit beside Aurene.



After finishing Full Circle
Aurene: Champion, it's been too long. I've been...resting.
Aurene: Could you meet me? The sunset over Seitung Harbor is exquisite, and I could use the company.
Aurene: It's been quite taxing, learning to filter the magics of the world.
Aurene: If Seitung Harbor is too far from where you are, I've left you a portal at the Eye of the North that will bring you to me.
Entering the instance and approaching Aurene
Caithe: Commander, what are you doing here?
<Character name>: Aurene asked me to come.
Caithe: Ah, yes. I had a feeling... I'd hoped that we'd have more time.
Caithe: They grow up so quickly. Don't they?
Aurene: I'm glad I was able to see you again. Both of you.
<Character name>: Again? Are you going somewhere?
Aurene: ...
<Character name>: I see.
Aurene: Ever since Soo-Won left us, I've had to learn how to filter the magic of Tyria on my own.
Aurene: The weight of it all has yet to settle...even if it gets a little easier each day.
Aurene: I think I need to rest while my body adjusts.
Caithe: You should have told us. We could have helped you!
Aurene: No, you couldn't, and that's okay. This is my trial. This is my burden now.
Caithe: Where are you going to go?
Aurene: I don't know. I won't be far, but somewhere...quiet. Someplace I can process.
Caithe: What will we do...without you?
Aurene: You will live on, my friend. Tyria can thrive and progress without the fear of devastation.
Aurene: The dragon cycle ended with Soo-Won. Enjoy this time. Breathe. For me.
Caithe: (deep breath)
Aurene: My champion. How you've protected me these many years.
Aurene: Asking a favor of you may seem selfish, but...
<Character name>: What do you need, my friend?
Aurene: Watch over this place while I'm gone. Watch over our friends.
<Character name>: Of course.
Aurene: You are a living flicker of hope. Let the world see all that you are, my champion.
Aurene: Now, how can we be so somber with a view like this? Sit with me for a moment, will you?
Talking to Aurene
Aurene: Champion, I'm sure you have additional questions. Please, ask me whatever's on your mind.
Talk quest option tango.png When are you leaving?
Aurene: Soon, Champion. I feel the pull of my function calling me to my rest.
Aurene: It slips into me like a rush of warmth traveling through my entire body.
<Character name>: It sounds...peaceful.
Aurene: More than you know.
Talk quest option tango.png How long will you be gone?
Aurene: I'm not certain.
Aurene: But with the world's magic in balance...I can only guess.
Aurene: When the other Elder Dragons had fulfilled their roles, they slept for millennia.
<Character name>: I hope it's not that long!
Aurene: As do I. I would very much like to see you again.
Talk quest option tango.png Can you see what's coming?
Aurene: No. My sight...I believe it was tied to the dragon cycle.
Aurene: It's different than before. Then, there was a void, and I couldn't see past it.
Aurene: Now, there's just...nothing. It would seem I'm as blind to the future as you, Champion.
<Character name>: Does that bother you?
Aurene: The opposite. Our path is our own.
Talk end option tango.png I don't have any other questions.
Talking to Caithe
Caithe: I'm still processing, but I have a moment if you have questions for me.
Talk quest option tango.png How are you feeling about this?
Caithe: Sad, of course, but also proud. I will miss her more than I can say.
Caithe: But we've both known this was coming for some time now. We'll do our best to live up to her trust in us.
<Character name>: I'm sure we will.
Talk quest option tango.png What are you going to do now?
Caithe: I...I don't know. I will need some time to think about my responsibilities as leader of the Crystal Bloom.
Caithe: I've thought about returning the Pale Tree.
Caithe: But even if I wanted to go back, I don't know if I could.
<Character name>: I'm here if you need me.
Talk quest option tango.png How do you think the Crystal Bloom will take this news?
Caithe: Most would likely volunteer to watch over Aurene as she rests.
Caithe: Though given the current landscape, I don't see anything that could threaten our sweet Aurene.
<Character name>: I'm confident you'll help them find their purpose.
Caithe: That's exactly right. We'll find something for them to focus on.
Talk quest option tango.png Do you think we'll see Aurene again?
Caithe: No.
Caithe: But if I've learned anything in the time we've spent with Aurene, it's to expect the unexpected.
<Character name>: She's certainly surprised us more than once.
Caithe: And I have a feeling that she'll surprise us yet again.
Talk end option tango.png I'll leave you to your thoughts.

My story[edit]

Shing Jea concept art 03.jpg

It wasn't easy to hear what Aurene had to tell me: she's leaving. Taking her place as the conduit for the magical balance of Tyria; the Eternal Alchemy; the All...whatever. I knew that this day would come, that this was what we've been preparing her for. I hoped that it would be years from now... Perhaps even after my time on this world was long over. But, she's gone. I feel an emptiness in my gut, even though I know she's out there...somewhere. I considered whether I should have gone with her, but Aurene is right. I have a place—a responsibility—here. Things that only I can do, so I have to let go. I have to move forward. For her.

And Caithe said it herself: with Aurene, we should always expect the unexpected. The only thing I regret is not saying "good-bye." I'm not ready to close that door. Not fully, not yet.

We'll see each other soon, my friend.

My story