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Disambig icon.png This article is about ghosts in a general sense. For the ghosts created by the Foefire, see Ascalonian ghost. For the ghosts released from bloodstones, see Bloodstone ghost.

Most ghosts have some sort of reason for hanging around a place: an unfinished task, a wrong that needs righting, and so on. They are often coherent, and a person can hold a reasonable conversation with them. They can be obsessive, or angry, but they are sane—sane for ghosts, at least.

The exception is the spirits created by the Foefire, who are frozen in time in Ascalon. To these Ascalonian ghosts, it is still the day of the Foefire, Adelbern is still their king, and the charr are still threatening at the gates. When they run into someone still alive, they see that person as charr, or at best an ally of the charr. It does not matter who or what the person really is. It could be Queen Jennah herself, or a sylvari. To them, every person who invades their space is a charr. These Foefire ghosts should not be confused with another group of unrelated, ancient Ascalonian ghosts led by Murakai, Doomlore's Bane who haunt areas in Grothmar Valley near the cursed treasure and artifacts which they are bound to.

There are several varieties of ghosts, such as the enraged and maddened spirits released from bloodstones who are uniquely identifiable by a blue, fiery aura.

At least some ghosts, such as the Foefire ghosts and Mist Wardens, appear to be immune to the corruptive power of dragon energy.[1][2]


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