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Weapons of the Scion

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Weapons of the Scion

Loot weapons
Req. level
May 14, 2019

Blessed by Aurene's touch.

— In-game description

The Weapons of the Scion are an ascended weapon set with selectable stats. They share their models with craftable ascended weapons, but have a unique color variant and an added rainbow aura that is not obtainable elsewhere.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Reaver of the Scion.pngReaver of the Scion Axe
Razor of the Scion.pngRazor of the Scion Dagger
Flanged Mace of the Scion.pngFlanged Mace of the Scion Mace
Revolver of the Scion.pngRevolver of the Scion Pistol
Wand of the Scion.pngWand of the Scion Scepter
Blade of the Scion.pngBlade of the Scion Sword
Off hand
Artifact of the Scion.pngArtifact of the Scion Focus
Bastion of the Scion.pngBastion of the Scion Shield
Brazier of the Scion.pngBrazier of the Scion Torch
Herald of the Scion.pngHerald of the Scion Warhorn
Claymore of the Scion.pngClaymore of the Scion Greatsword
Warhammer of the Scion.pngWarhammer of the Scion Hammer
Greatbow of the Scion.pngGreatbow of the Scion Longbow
Musket of the Scion.pngMusket of the Scion Rifle
Short Bow of the Scion.pngShort Bow of the Scion Short bow
Spire of the Scion.pngSpire of the Scion Staff
Harpoon Gun of the Scion.pngHarpoon Gun of the Scion Harpoon gun
Impaler of the Scion.pngImpaler of the Scion Spear
Trident of the Scion.pngTrident of the Scion Trident