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Seitung Harbor

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Seitung Harbor

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Map of Seitung Harbor

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Seitung Harbor is a port in Seitung Province in the southern end of Shing Jea Island. Historically, it has served as an entry point for visitors to the continent of Cantha from Elona, Tyria, and the Battle Isles.[1] Inside is the Bell Passage which serves as the main entrance and connecting bridge to the Shing Jea Monastery. There is also a Fishing Village, as well as a prison, which is run by the Ministry of Security.


Early history[edit]

Interim years[edit]

Since the reign of Emperor Usoku and the rise of the Ministry of Purity, traffic in Seitung Harbor ceased as foreign ships coming from the Kingdom of Kryta's capital, Lion's Arch, mainly traded with Kaineng City directly. The Zhaitan Disaster led to the death of Emperor Kyobok and most of the imperial family in Raisu Palace, destroyed Kaineng City and severed Cantha from the rest of the world circa 1729 CC (1219 AE). This subsequently made international travel impossible while the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's Risen navy began patrolling the Sea of Sorrows and the Unending Ocean.[2][3]

After the Zhaitan Disaster, Minister Tao, head of the Ministry of Air, was revealed to be a high-ranking official of the criminal Am Fah gang who took bribes from ship captains, usually giving those carrying valuable cargo higher priority in docking permits and possibly better wind direction for swift travel. Although the Am Fah disbanded after the Zhaitan Disaster when most of their ranks were killed in the Undercity Massacre, Kyobok's successor, Emperor Bitgaram and his daughter Empress Haebaragi, both made great efforts in working to cleanse New Kaineng City of Old Kaineng's problematic history in the following years. Minister Tao was arrested shortly after the reveal of her criminal operations, and her family was exiled. Given her age at the time of arrest as one of the ministers who had enjoyed the life-prolonging Celestial Blessing,[4] Tao's sentence was short-lived. Despite having lived for centuries, she died in her cell in Seitung Prison only a few weeks after her arrival. Her cause of death was unknown, but one medical report described her as appearing suddenly "drained of all life" and that her blood had been "replaced with sand."[5]

At some point, Seitung Harbor began hosting an annual celebration where fans would meet and celebrate with the people behind their favorite plays, books, art, music, and inventions.[6]

End of Dragons[edit]

As the warden Tetra Earthcall took control of the nature-preserving Speakers, the once peaceful protesters became more fanatical and violent in their quest to oppose anyone encroaching on the Echovald Forest. Speaker ritualists entered Seitung Harbor in 1845 CC (1335 AE) in an effort to enslave the ghosts wandering there at night to boost their strength, leading to the Ministry of Security and more benign ritualists like Kyung to oppose the zealots and drive them off. Around the same time, the largos Fahd al'Eshadhi traveled to the shores near the harbor while tracking a worthy prey: the adolescent leviathans which were terrorizing the waters of both Shing Jea and New Kaineng and attracting local naga to defend them during their rampage. After defeating the leviathan with adventurers' help, Fahd speculated that something in the depths of the Unending Ocean might have driven leviathans to shallower waters as he sensed a strange "heaviness in these seas."

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Bell Passage
Point of interest (map icon).png Fishing Village
Point of interest (map icon).png Harbor Market
Point of interest (map icon).png Seitung Prison
Point of interest (map icon).png Town Outskirts
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Bloom of Seitung
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Ghosts (at night)
Jade Mechs



Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

In Fishing Village
Child: Wish I was a sky pirate. That'd be so much fun!
Fledgling: Sky pirates aren't real.
Child: Yes they are! My cousin saw them.
Fledgling: Suuuuure. Did he see a centaur, too?
Child: You know that mountain that the magic lady haunts?
Fledgling: What are you talking about?
Child: There's this secret mountain in the sky, and some lady haunts it 'cause she's sad her daughter died.
Fledgling: When you get older, you'll know these stories are made up. Who comes up with this stuff?
Aristocrat (1): This area's nice. I could picture us here.
Aristocrat (2): Mm-hmm.
Aristocrat (1): The people seem friendly. Market's close. Lots of fresh air.
Aristocrat (2): Mm-hmm.
Aristocrat (1): We'll need to keep that stuff in mind when our baby comes.
Aristocrat (2): Mm-hmm....wait..."our baby"?
Aristocrat (1): Mm-hmm.
Peasant: I speak in poems. Passes the time while fishing. And keeps the mind sharp.
Peasant: Teach a man to fish, he stays fed for a lifetime. Just hope he likes fish.
Peasant: Fishing takes focus. Concentration is key. ... What was I saying?
Citizen: So, ah... Did you ask her?
Fisherman (1): Yeah. She's moving to the city to look for work.
Citizen: Sorry to hear that. Would you ever move there? Seems fun.
Fisherman (1): I'm not really a city person. Loud, polluted, expensive.
Fisherman (2): What? I'd swim to Kaineng before I let someone like her get away!
Fisherman (1): It's...complicated.
Fisherman (1): You going to the night market?
Fisherman (2): Nah, the crowds are already a nightmare. Now it'll be full of visitors, too.
Citizen: Might be interesting to check it out. There'll be people from all over Tyria.
Fisherman (2): I'll pass. Getting claustrophobic just thinking about it.
In Harbor Market
Peddler [Merchant]: Great soup's like a great partner: good for your health, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!
Peddler [Merchant]: Our noodles are handmade each morning!
Peddler [Merchant]: You look like you could use some soup! How 'bout a bowl?
Student: Nice choice! Our giant tuna was caught fresh this morning.
Aristocrat: My daughter will be thrilled. Your tuna is her favorite.
Student: Well, she has excellent taste.
By Seitung Prison
Ministry of Security Guard: So, do you, ya know, do stuff after work? Like do you have any friends? Or a life?
Ministry of Security Sorceress: Little workplace tip: don't ask your boss about their personal life. Especially not your first week.
Ministry of Security Sorceress: And yes, I have a life. I'm engaged. I do stuff. But, work's been busy lately, and...
Ministry of Security Guard: Excuses.
Ministry of Security Sorceress: ...and I have plans this week! Hot pot. With a friend. He just moved back to Shing Jea, and we're going to catch up.
Ministry of Security Sorceress: I should probably let him know...
Ministry of Security Guard: Those prisoners, they're from Tyria? Heard they're famous.
Ministry of Security Sorceress: Apparently. Can't say I know much about 'em
Ministry of Security Sorceress: Rama said one of them goes by "The Commander." What kind of a name is that?
Ministry of Security Guard: Settle down, "Rookie." Heh. Maybe I'll go by "Commander Dea" from now on. Has a nice ring to it.
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: The paperwork from this Aetherblades incident will take months to sort out.
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: Blue forms in the green folder? Green forms in the beige folder? What would they do without me?
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: You can't just put new soap in the bathroom! It needs the Planning Committee's approval. There's a process!
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: Another Incident Report in the Accounts Receivable folder? Dea better shape that rookie up.
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: Still need to file that request with the Ministry of Plumbing to unclog those drains.
Security Secretary Sang-Hee: I better get overtime for this...
Myrun Skialkin: Hello? I believe there's been some sort of mistake... Does Ambassador Meade know I'm being detained? (from To Catch a Spider until Extraction Point)
At Town Outskirts
Worker: Maybe I need to go into town more. Meet people. Not gonna find my soul mate talking to a water buffalo.
Worker: Not that you're bad company. But dating was so much easier in Kaineng.
Worker: I'm a good guy, right? Not perfect, sure. But you knew me before I left. Aren't I more mature now?
Worker: Did you have to laugh?
Worker: Achoo! Ugh, that fur of yours. It's all over my robe. This was expensive!
Worker: It's not your fault. I just need to get used to living out here again.
Worker: Dad always said I wasn't much of a farmer.
Worker: Yeah, I miss him too.
Worker: (sniffles) You know, if my allergies don't get better, I could always trade you in for a Jade Mech buffalo.
Worker: I'm kidding, I'm kidding. You think I'd ever replace you, ya big fur ball?
Worker: Seems like everyone I once knew here's gone now.
Worker: Dea? No, I'm sure she's busy. I saw her uncle at the market the other day. Said she's engaged now.
Worker: I'm happy for her.


Feat chest (map icon).png Chest
Feat chest (map icon).png Jade Tech Chest

Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Shore Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Offshore Fish
Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Seaweed
Plant resource (map icon).png Lotus
Plant resource (map icon).png Soybeans
Plant resource (map icon).png Cabbage
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Seedlings
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Potato
Plant resource (map icon).png Carrots
Plant resource (map icon).png Zucchini
Plant resource (map icon).png Sugar Pumpkin
Wood resource (map icon).png Cherry Blossom Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore


Concept art


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