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Stuff to do[edit]

  • Add skill effect link to all those who are missing 0No and add some skill to the effect page 0No. I'm looking at you racial skill. Kinda done... kinda only.
  • Work on those page: TBA

Help those poor unloved and forgotten page[edit]

Cross-profession combo[edit]

Blast Finisher , Whirl Finisher , Projectile

well pretty much every page on that nav. 1Yes Can you feel the love of the Hyper Combo bar?

skill list[edit]

also why not update skill page with the transform stuff : banner1Yes , Racial skill (Charr, Human, Norn) 1Yes , Moa? 0No , Mortar 1Yes

skill type[edit]

and those forgotten page with skills 1Yes and traits 0No


or some forgotten effect, do change based on Aqua 1Yes.Done! Further more some additional effect may be possibily be added Talk:Effect. They're probably missing some skill and trait here and there. Also check if stuff is as of date. 0No

1Yes - Completed
0No - Incomplete/Paused
0No - Not started
0No - Abandoned project