List of charr racial skills

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This is a list of charr racial skills.


Skill Type Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Battle Roar.png
 Battle Roar
Not available underwater.png 35 Let out a battle roar, giving fury and might to nearby allies.
Hidden Pistol.png
 Hidden Pistol
Not available underwater.png 0.5½ 15 Shoot target foe with a hidden pistol while evading backwards.
Shrapnel Mine.png
 Shrapnel Mine
Not available underwater.png 0.5½ 20 Throw a shrapnel mine that bleeds and cripples foes.


Skill Type Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Artillery Barrage.png
 Artillery Barrage
Not available underwater.png 2 240 Call down an artillery barrage at target location, damaging foes.
Not available underwater.png 0.5½ 180 Pull out a powerful charrzooka that shoots rockets.
Warband Support.png
 Warband Support
Not available underwater.png 10.5½ 240 Call in members of your warband to assist you.

Auxiliary skillbars[edit]

These skills replace the main skillbar after activating the specified primary skills.


Skill Type Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
 Fire Rocket
0.5½ Shoot a rocket at your foe, setting them on fire.
Rocket Spray.png
 Rocket Spray
20.5½ 8 Knockback foes with a spread of rockets.
Heat Seeker.png
 Heat Seeker
10.25¼ 10 Fire a super powered heat-seeking rocket.
Rocket Jump.png
 Rocket Jump
0.25¼ 12 Blast the ground, damaging and knocking down nearby foes and leaping backward.
Fire Rocket Barrage.png
 Fire Rocket Barrage
20.5½ 15 Fire a barrage of rockets at the target location.