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This infobox is used for skills. Uses {{Skill infobox/subobject}}, {{Skill infobox/weapon slot}} and {{Skill infobox/mechanic slot}}. See {{Skill infobox/historical}} for SMW-free version used on version history pages.


{{Skill infobox
| name = 
| icon = 
| description = 
| description type = 
| facts = 
| profession = 
| specialization = 
| race = 
| slot = 
| mainhand = 
| offhand = 
| twohand = 
| bundle = 
| tonic = 
| mechanic weapon = 
| mechanic trait = 
| tool belt = 
| attunement = 
| activity = 
| kit = 
| pet = 
| pet family = 
| monster = 
| parent = 
| uw replaced by = 
| uw replaces = 
| type = 
| activation type = 
| movement type = 
| chain1 = 
| chain2 = 
| chain3 = 
| weapon slot = 
| mechanic slot = 
| training track = 
| training order = 
| hero points = 
| ground target = 
| id = 
| split = 
| activation = 
| ammunition = 
| energy = 
| health cost = 
| page cost = 
| initiative = 
| upkeep = 
| recharge = 

| activation pvp = 
| ammunition pvp = 
| energy pvp = 
| health cost pvp = 
| page cost pvp = 
| initiative pvp = 
| recharge pvp = 
| upkeep pvp = 

| activation wvw = 
| ammunition wvw = 
| energy wvw = 
| health cost wvw = 
| page cost wvw = 
| initiative wvw = 
| recharge wvw = 
| upkeep wvw = 


All parameters are optional.

Skill name. Defaults to the page name if skipped; displays (unnamed skill) if included but left blank.
Skill icon to show. If not explicitly stated, displays File:<name>.png; if it was not found, shows Skill.png instead.
Skill description.
description type
Optional. Skill description type. On default the parameter type is used. Setting to "none" disables the skill description type.
Game modes that this skill applies to. See {{Game mode version}}. Calls {{Skill infobox/subobject}} for each game mode beside PvE to create subobjects.
To set activation, ammunition, energy, health cost, page cost, initiative, recharge and upkeep for a specific game mode: use the wvw and pvp suffix parameters to set it. If the split is PvE | WvW + PvP, set only one of these parameters for the wvw+pvp version.
The skill facts (i.e. bleeding, damage, range, etc.) shown below the description. Each fact should be presented as an individual instance of the {{skill fact}} template.
missing facts
Optional. Related skill facts that aren't shown in-game, uses the template {{skill fact}} as the parameter "facts" does. This parameter has no visible result, however, the missing skill fact subobjects can be used in SMW queries.
Activation time. Enter as a decimal, e.g. 1.25.
Ammunition (maximum count) number.
Initiative cost.
Energy cost.
Energy upkeep cost.
health cost
Health cost.
page cost
Page cost.
Recharge time. If there is no recharge, define the value as 0. Omitting the recharge does not set Property:Has recharge time.
Skill supertype describing who can use the skill. On default the supertype is set automatically to one of the following allowed values:
  • "Profession": If profession is set to one of the nine professions: Guardian, Revenant, Warrior, Engineer, Ranger, Thief, Elementalist, Mesmer, Necromancer.
  • "Racial": If race is set to one of the five races: Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, Sylvari.
  • "Profession, Racial": If profession and race is set.
  • "Monster": If monster is set.
  • "Common": On default or if profession is set to "Common".
Profession that uses the skill. Required if the specialization is set too.
Specialization required to use skill.
Race that uses the skill.
Skill slot occupied by the skill:
weapon: Weapon skill.
bundle: Bundle weapon skill.
healing: Healing skill.
utility: Utility skill.
elite: Elite skill.
downed: Downed skill.
drowning: Drowning skill.
downed and drowning: Both downed and drowning skill.
transform: Transform skill.
pet: Pet skill.
mastery: Mastery skill.
mechanic: Profession specific ability.
toy: Skills provided by toys.
tonic: Skills provided by tonics.
trait: Skills provided by traits. Also use the trait parameter to link to the trait.
special action: Additional skills which can appear above the skill bar during certain fights.
Weapon held in the main hand.
Weapon held in the off-hand.
Weapon held in both hands.
Aquatic weapon held in both hands.
requires offhand
Off-hand weapon that is required for this skill. Can be set to "none".
Bundles that grant the skill.
Tonics that grant the skill. Use with the | slot = tonic parameter.
mechanic weapon
Weapon related to a certain profession mechanic.
mechanic trait
Trait related to a certain profession mechanic.
tool belt
The associated tool belt skill.
Attunement for elementalist's weapon skills.
The activity in which the skill is available. Multiple activites can be separated with a comma.
The engineering kit that provides the skill.
Pet species name (e.g. Jaguar), for skills unique to a specific pet. Do not include the "Juvenile" prefix, the template handles that internally.
pet family
Pet family name (e.g. Feline), for skills common to that family.
Pet archetype, for skills that require that archetype.
The monster or monster type that uses this skill. Multiple monsters can be specified with semi-colons.
Parent skill — the skill which gives access to this skill.
uw replaced by
For skills that are not usable underwater.
If the skill is not usable underwater and has an underwater counterpart/replacement, name of the underwater skill.
If the skill is not usable underwater and does not have a replacment, input none.
uw replaces
For underwater skills that replace a normal skill, name of the skill it replaces.
If the skill is only usable underwater and does not have a land replacment, input none.
Skill type, such as signet. Can also be set to sigil or rune.
sort type
Skill sort type. On default: it inherits the skill type from the parameter type, else if it inherits chain1 skill type, else it sets "Skill without type".
For grouping and sorting skills. On default: it inherits chain1 skill page name, else it uses page name.
activation type
Activation type:
chain: Chain skill.
channeled or hold: Channeled skill.
charge: Charge skill.
movement type
Movement type:
leap: Leap skill.
retreat: Retreat skill.
shadowstep: Shadowstep skill.
teleport: Teleport skill.
chain1 .. chain4
Skill sequence. Set with the names of the skills in the chain.
weapon slot
Weapon skills only. Used to indicate which fixed position the skill has on a skill bar.
mechanic slot
Profession mechanic skills only. Used to indicate which fixed position the skill has on a profession mechanic skill bar.
training track
Optional, should be automatically calculated. Slot (heal/utility/elite) skills only. Used to indicate the associated training track. Sets Property:Is for training track.
training order
Slot (heal/utility/elite) skills only. Used to identify the unlock order. Sets Property:Has training unlock order.
hero points
Slot (heal/utility/elite) skills only. Used to indicate how many hero points required to unlock the skill. Sets Property:Has training hero point cost.
ground target
Whether the skill has ground targeting or not. Parameter expects type of ground targeting, but providing anything will automatically display Ground target aim.png to the rightmost of upper properties.
damage type
Optional. Some bundle skills have a cosmetic damage type.
Used to link to any npc or object summoned by this skill. Seperate multiple summons with a comma.
The skill's internal ID as reported by skill chat links and API:2/skills. Generates a game link in the infobox. Separate multiple ids with a comma.
palette id
The skill palette ID as reported by build chat links and API:2/professions with the url parameter v=latest. This parameter sets the property Property:Has skill palette id but is not displayed on the page. Separate multiple palette ids with a comma.
Optional. "y" or "n" to turn on/off categorization. Default is on for main namespace articles and off for others. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Optional. Status of skill. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default).
status notes
Optional. Allows provision of additional reason for the given status.
status date
Optional. Sets the date of the update that marked this skill as historical (in YYYY-MM-DD format).
Optional. The expansion or living world season required to access the content. Displays a notice of the release. See {{infobox requires}} for options.
gallery1 ... gallery5
Optional. Gallery of images. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.jpg.
gallery1-text ... gallery5-text
Optional. Image descriptions.


{{Skill infobox
| icon = Skill.png
| description = This is an example.
| activation = 1.5
| recharge = 45
| facts = {{skill fact|bleeding|5}}
| profession = elementalist
| specialization = tempest
| slot = Weapon
| twohand = staff
| attunement = fire
| weapon slot = 5
| ground target = circle
| id = 12345


Skill infobox

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist (skill list)
Tempest icon small.png Tempest
Weapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot filled tango.png
Game link
10.5½ Activation time  45 Recharge time  
Skill infobox

This is an example.

Bleeding.png Bleeding (5s): 110 Damage

— In-game description