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Disambig icon.png This article is about a class of professions. For other uses, see Soldier (disambiguation).

Soldier is a category made up of the three professions whose users wear heavy armor and typically fight at melee range. Paired with the ability to bear heavy armor is their capacity to wield a wide variety of close-range weapons. Lore-wise, they are distinct in terms of weapons, skills, combat roles and game-play in general, and are recognizable by their aforementioned use of heavy armor, preference of close-quarters combat and complete mastery over the arts of warfare and leadership.

Soldier professions[edit]

  • Guardian icon small.png Guardian: master of protection — Guardians use virtues that enhance their attacks and defenses until sacrificed to aid allies.
  • Revenant icon small.png Revenant: master of the mists — Revenants use legends to unleash powerful energy based assault or support spells.
  • Warrior icon small.png Warrior: master of offense — Warriors use adrenaline to fuel powerful burst attacks and can wield the widest variety of arms.

Armor and equipment[edit]

The soldier professions use heavy armor, which provides the most protection. Players can use runes to upgrade armor, and heavy armor is crafted by armorsmiths. Soldiers can use a variety of weapon types, and are the only profession who can use maces (except for the Mechanist). They are not able to use daggers (except for the Spellbreaker), pistols (except for the Bladesworn) or short bows (except for the Renegade).


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