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This is a list of elementalist traits.

Fire.png Fire[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Empowering Flame.png Empowering Flame Gain power while in fire attunement.
Major Adept Burning Precision.png Burning Precision 5 Critical hits have a chance to cause burning, and burning lasts longer.
Major Adept Conjurer.png Conjurer Gain fire aura when an ally picks up a conjured weapon. Conjure weapon abilities have reduced recharge.
Major Adept Burning Fire.png Burning Fire Use cleansing fire automatically when you have a number of conditions on you.
Minor Master Sunspot.png Sunspot Inflict damage at your location when you attune to fire and gain a fire aura.
Major Master Pyromancer's Training.png Pyromancer's Training Deal more damage while attuned to fire. Reduces recharge on all fire weapon skills.
Major Master One with Fire.png One with Fire Fire auras you apply last longer and grant might when applied. Applying any other aura grants reduced might.
Major Master Power Overwhelming.png Power Overwhelming Gain condition damage based on your power.
Minor Grandmaster Burning Rage.png Burning Rage Deal more damage to burning foes.
Major Grandmaster Persisting Flames.png Persisting Flames Executing blast finishers on fire fields grant fury. Fire fields last longer. Create a lava font when you go down.
Major Grandmaster Pyromancer's Puissance.png Pyromancer's Puissance Each skill you use while attuned to fire grants you might.
Major Grandmaster Blinding Ashes.png Blinding Ashes 8 Blind foes that you burn.

Air.png Air[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Zephyr's Speed (elementalist).png Zephyr's Speed Move faster while attuned to air.
Major Adept Zephyr's Boon.png Zephyr's Boon Grant boons to allies you grant auras to.
Major Adept One with Air.png One with Air Gain superspeed when attuning to air.
Major Adept Ferocious Winds.png Ferocious Winds Gain ferocity based on your precision.
Minor Master Electric Discharge.png Electric Discharge Strike your target with a bolt of lightning when attuning to air.
Major Master Inscription (trait).png Inscription Grants a boon associated with your current attunement when you cast a glyph. Reduces glyph recharge.
Major Master Aeromancer's Training.png Aeromancer's Training Gain precision while attuned to air. Reduces recharge on all air weapon skills.
Major Master Tempest Defense.png Tempest Defense 25 Cast Shocking Aura when disabled. Deal increased damage to stunned or knocked-down foes.
Disables include stun, daze, knock back, pull, knock down, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Minor Grandmaster Weak Spot.png Raging Storm 3 Critically striking a foe grants fury.
Major Grandmaster Bolt to the Heart.png Bolt to the Heart Deal more damage when your foe's health drops below the threshold.
Major Grandmaster Fresh Air.png Fresh Air Recharge air attunement on a critical hit. Gain a ferocity boost when attuning to air.
Major Grandmaster Lightning Rod.png Lightning Rod Cast Lightning Rod when you disable a foe.
Disables include stun, daze, knock back, pull, knock down, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.

Earth.png Earth[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Stone Flesh.png Stone Flesh Gain toughness while attuned to earth.
Major Adept Earth's Embrace.png Earth's Embrace 75 Gain Armor of Earth whenever your health drops below the threshold.
Major Adept Serrated Stones.png Serrated Stones Bleeds you apply last longer; deal more damage to bleeding foes.
Major Adept Elemental Shielding.png Elemental Shielding Grant protection when applying an aura to yourself or an ally.
Minor Master Earthen Blast.png Earthen Blast Damage foes and cripple them for 3 seconds when attuning to earth.
Major Master Strength of Stone.png Strength of Stone Gain condition damage based on your toughness.
Major Master Rock Solid.png Rock Solid Grant stability to nearby allies when attuning to earth.
Note: This effect will not trigger when attuning to the same element.
Major Master Geomancer's Training.png Geomancer's Training You recover more quickly from crippling, immobilizing, and chilling. Reduces recharge on all earth weapon skills.
Minor Grandmaster Geomancer's Defense.png Geomancer's Defense You take less damage from foes within close range.
Major Grandmaster Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin 1 Remove conditions when struck while your health is above the threshold.
Major Grandmaster Written in Stone.png Written in Stone Maintain the passive effects of signets when you activate them. Reduce recharge of signets.
Major Grandmaster Stone Heart.png Stone Heart You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth.

Water.png Water[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Soothing Mist.png Soothing Mist You and nearby allies regenerate health while you are attuned to water.
Major Adept Soothing Ice.png Soothing Ice 20 Gain regeneration and frost aura when critically hit.
Major Adept Piercing Shards.png Piercing Shards While attuned to water, your spells deal more damage to vulnerable foes. Vulnerability lasts longer.
Major Adept Stop, Drop, and Roll.png Stop, Drop, and Roll 10 Dodge-rolling removes burning and chilled conditions from you and nearby allies.
Minor Master Healing Ripple.png Healing Ripple Heal nearby allies when attuning to water.
Note: This effect will not trigger when attuning to the same element.
Major Master Soothing Disruption.png Soothing Disruption Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor; reduce recharge on cantrips.
Major Master Cleansing Wave (trait).png Cleansing Wave Remove a condition from you and your allies when attuning to water.
Major Master Aquamancer's Training.png Aquamancer's Training Deal extra damage when your health is above the threshold. Reduces recharge on all water weapon skills.
Minor Grandmaster Aquatic Benevolence.png Aquatic Benevolence Healing done to allies is increased.
Major Grandmaster Cleansing Water.png Cleansing Water Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally.
Major Grandmaster Powerful Aura.png Powerful Aura When you apply an aura to yourself, grant that aura to all nearby allies as well.
Major Grandmaster Soothing Power.png Soothing Power Healing effect of Soothing Mist is increased.

Arcane (specialization).png Arcane[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Arcane Fury.png Arcane Prowess Gain might when you switch attunements.
Major Adept Arcane Precision.png Arcane Precision 3 Skills have a chance to apply a condition on critical hits.
Major Adept Renewing Stamina.png Renewing Stamina 10 Gain vigor when you deliver a critical hit.
Major Adept Arcane Abatement.png Arcane Abatement Reduce fall damage you receive; cast a spell based on your attunement when you receive fall damage. Swapping attunements restores health.
Minor Master Elemental Attunement.png Elemental Attunement When attuning to an element, you and nearby allies gain a boon.
Note: This effect will not trigger when attuning to the same element.
Major Master Arcane Resurrection.png Arcane Resurrection Cast Geyser when you begin reviving a downed ally. Geyser now partially revives downed allies. When you revive an ally, you and the revived ally gain an aura based on your attunement.
Major Master Elemental Contingency.png Elemental Contingency 10 Gain a boon when you are struck, based on your current attunement.
Major Master Final Shielding.png Final Shielding 60 Create an Lesser Arcane Shield when your health drops below the threshold.
Minor Grandmaster Elemental Enchantment.png Elemental Enchantment Gain concentration and your attunements gain reduced recharge.
Major Grandmaster Evasive Arcana.png Evasive Arcana 10 Create an attunement-based spell after dodging.
Major Grandmaster Elemental Surge.png Elemental Surge Based on your attunement, arcane skills inflict a condition on foes. Gain more ferocity when you use an arcane skill. Arcane skills recharge faster.
Major Grandmaster Bountiful Power.png Bountiful Power Deal more damage for each boon on you.

Tempest.png Tempest[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Warhorn Proficiency.png Warhorn Proficiency You can wield the warhorn weapon.
Minor Adept Singularity.png Singularity Attain elemental singularity by remaining in an attunement for a period of time. Upon attaining singularity, you may overload the attunement to your vicinity.
Major Adept Gale Song.png Gale Song 40 Trigger "Eye of the Storm!" when a foe attempts to control you by stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, taunt, or launch.
Major Adept Latent Stamina.png Latent Stamina 10 Apply vigor in a radius when attuning to water. Granting vigor to allies also restores a portion of endurance.
Major Adept Unstable Conduit.png Unstable Conduit Overloading an attunement grants an aura based on the element you're attuned to when the ability is completed.
Minor Master Speedy Conduit.png Speedy Conduit Gain swiftness when overloading an attunement.
Major Master Tempestuous Aria.png Tempestuous Aria Allies affected by your shouts gain might. Enemies are affected by weakness.
Major Master Invigorating Torrents.png Invigorating Torrents Auras you apply also grant regeneration and vigor.
Major Master Harmonious Conduit.png Harmonious Conduit Gain stability when beginning an overload. Upon successfully completing an overload, gain increased damage for a period of time.
Minor Grandmaster Hardy Conduit.png Hardy Conduit Gain protection while overloading an attunement. Protection has increased effectiveness.
Major Grandmaster Imbued Melodies.png Imbued Melodies 30 Gain increased concentration when wielding a warhorn. Use Sand Squall when struck while below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Lucid Singularity.png Lucid Singularity Remove and gain massive resistance to movement-impeding conditions while overloading your attunements.
Major Grandmaster Elemental Bastion.png Elemental Bastion 30 Auras you apply heal allies. Apply a frost aura to yourself and nearby allies when struck while below the health threshold.

Weaver.png Weaver[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Sword Proficiency.png Sword Proficiency You can wield swords in your main hand.
Minor Adept Weaver (trait).png Weaver Your active attunement is now applied to your main hand, with the old attunement moving to your off hand. Attunement recharges are reduced. Gain access to Dual Attack and the Stance utility types.
Major Adept Superior Elements.png Superior Elements 10 Dual Attack skills weaken enemies. Attacks against weakened foes have increased critical chance.
Major Adept Elemental Pursuit.png Elemental Pursuit 10 Gain superspeed when inflicting inhibiting conditions on enemies.
Major Adept Master's Fortitude.png Master's Fortitude Gain increased vitality when wielding a sword. Gain bonus vitality based on a portion of your power and condition damage.
Minor Master Elemental Refreshment.png Elemental Refreshment Gain barrier when using Dual Attack abilities.
Major Master Weaver's Prowess.png Weaver's Prowess Gain increased condition damage and duration for a period of time after attuning to a different element.
Major Master Swift Revenge.png Swift Revenge Gain swiftness when using a Dual Attack. Deal extra damage to enemies while under the effects of swiftness or superspeed.
Major Master Bolstered Elements.png Bolstered Elements 70 Gain stability when activating a stance. Activate Lesser Stone Resonance when struck while below the health threshold.
Minor Grandmaster Elemental Polyphony.png Elemental Polyphony Gain attributes based on your current attunement. When dual attuned, gain both benefits.
Major Grandmaster Elements of Rage.png Elements of Rage Gain a damage bonus for a period of time when attuned to a single element. Gain ferocity based on a percentage of your vitality.
Major Grandmaster Unravel Hexes.png Woven Stride 3 Gain swiftness when you are inflicted with inhibiting conditions. When gaining either superspeed or swiftness, also gain regeneration. Swiftness has increased effectiveness.
Major Grandmaster Invigorating Strikes.png Invigorating Strikes Gain vigor when using a Dual Attack. Dodge rolling grants a barrier.